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   Chapter 556 Reaching QY Island (Part One)

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A true relationship is not simply about holding each other's hands during good times.

It is also about having lots of misunderstandings but choosing not to let go.

At the international airport of A City, Brian and Molly were sitting in the VIP lounge for security check.

Out of boredom, Molly started reading the fashion magazines prepared by the ground crew. She used to just read this for fun, but ever since moving into Brian's villa and working in the music circle as Spark's assistant, she started to have a sense of fashion. Living at the villa, Brian had provided her nothing less than the best. This allowed her to know new and more brands. Right now, fashion was no longer a "Greek" thing for her, just like in the past. However, she craved nothing more than an ordinary life. Luxury wasn't much of an importance in her life, although at that moment she was wearing luxury brands from head to toe.

On the other hand, Brian was working on his laptop. Sometimes, he furrowed his eyes. Sometimes, coldness flitted across his eyes. He typed quickly on the keyboard and during that time, only God knew how many people's business and lives were doomed.

Tony stood nearby, quietly observing everything around them with his sharp eyes. Occasionally, his eyes would move from Brian to Molly and vice versa. But even until now, he still didn't like her. But since Brian gave her the Firefly Stone necklace, he would regard her as Mrs. Molly Long. From the moment Brian gave her the Firefly Stone necklace, no matter how things would go in the future, Molly would forever be Mrs. Molly Long.

Thinking about this, he kept looking sideways at Molly, who kept on stealing glances at Brian. She was so engrossed that she couldn't help but fix her eyes on him.

No matter where she looked, his face was so perfect that some people might think it was the greatest work of nature. With a pair of eyes that shone like black crystals, attracting people with its charm and awing them with the unknown danger underneath, his gaze could go as deep as the ocean. When he pressed his thin lip, he looked stern yet alluring. He was so radiant and enchanting while doing his work, Molly couldn't take her eyes off him for a while.

While looking at him, Molly slightly tilted her head and recalled the scene at the dinner table the night before. Back then, Brian had told Mark that they would be leaving for QY Island today. Hearing the news, Mark had pouted, but he had said nothing at the table to explain the matter. The little boy had remained seated, eating sullenly and thinking about being left alone. No matter how unhappy Mark was, Brian hadn't compromised until dinner was over.

how impulsive he was to buy it for them to stay in for only a couple of days.

"It's a gift from Aaron," Brian suddenly pointed out, seeing how Molly was starting to feel annoyed.

After hearing this, Molly lifted her eyes from her thoughts. Seeing that he was only one step away from her, she took one step back in fluster. Her wary eyes looked at him in disbelief.

Noticing this, Brian shook his head. Her eyes always gave away everything that was in her head. "Go upstairs and freshen up. Then we will go have dinner, okay?" he said.

Molly nodded and went upstairs. He watched her step into the room with a contented smile on his face.


Meanwhile, at Smile Hotel in A City, Shirley was drinking coffee leisurely.

Leaning back on the sofa, she watched Richie correct the students' homework with a cold face.

Richie was working hard. After all, he had to correct the whole class' homework, except Mark's. Since he was here, Shirley was glad to have some 'me' time. She handed every student's homework to him, but kept Mark's to herself. It amused her to see that Richie, who was the former head of Dragon Island, the former president of Dragon Empire Group and the former leader of XK Intelligence Agency, was correcting pre-school kids' homework.

Shirley couldn't help but giggle at this sight. The pile of homework was getting smaller and smaller. It seemed like everything was just a piece of cake in front of this man. "Richie, since Brian and Little Molly are on their honeymoon, why can't we move into the villa and stay with Mark?" she asked sullenly.

However, Richie's focus was on checking the homework, so he didn't respond after even clearly hearing her. "Does Mark know who you are?" he asked after a pause with his head still buried in the homework.

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