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   Chapter 555 A Messy Tangle (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7891

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Becky threw her cellphone aside on the seat and started the car, heading away from the restaurant. She thought, 'Brian, you once chased and went after me so dedicatedly, so how can you retreat at your will now?"

As she kept stepping on the gas, the royal blue roadster disappeared at the end of the road quickly. It left dust and a loud roaring noise behind while pushing the pain away.

After the lunch, Brian and Molly headed straight to Grand Night Casino. Jason was not surprised to see Molly at Grand Night Casino once again. However, unexpectedly, they ran into Lily, who was transferred from the first floor entrance hall right up to the VIP floor. Lily was so surprised to see Molly that she did not know how to react.

Seeing that Brian was talking to Jason in front of them, Lily looked at Molly and asked curiously, "Molly, you are now..." While saying that, her finger pointed at Molly and then at Brian, back and forth, with shock.

"I..." Molly did not know how to answer Lily's question. She thought with some shame, 'Am I a toy? His child's mother? Temporary wife?'

"Well she's my wife!" said Brian, who was talking to Jason about business, but suddenly turned his head to look at Lily.

Everyone who heard his simple introduction was shocked. Lily did not think that Brian would have heard what she said, as she asked in a very soft tone, neither did she expect that he would provide such a startling answer. Molly too did not know how to react right that moment. Seeing that after saying the words, Brian turned back his head and went on talking with Jason, Molly felt slightly upset by his awkward reaction. She thought, 'In fact, his so-called wife is no more than a toy or his child's mother.'

However, despite the initial shock, Lily was now excited about Brian's answer. After asking Molly some questions, she felt happy for her. But at the moment, Molly was not quite as happy as her. She tried to answer Lily's questions with a plastered smile while looking at Brian, without even realizing it, every other second. As time passed, she felt a growing sense of dismal in her heart.

After they left Grand Night Casino, Brian took Molly to pick up Mark from school. On the way, Molly did not seem to be in the mood to talk. Brian frowned silently sensing the awkwardness, but he did not ask her why.

It would seem that they

calmly, as if he had nothing to do with them. "It's okay if you don't worry!"

Sitting at the hotel's cafe, Richie looked out of the window with deep and experienced eyes, seeing a car slowly park in the hotel's lot. He said in an indifferent tone, "This time maybe you're not the only target. The parliament will be in session in Dragon Island. Hawk says that everybody has been feeling restless lately."

Hearing that, Brian frowned ever so slightly. He thought that this time the incidents were arranged by people who were against the imperial authority of the Long Family. Now that Richie too reminded him of that, he was afraid that the opponent's power could not be underestimated.

"I'll be sure to watch out," Brian said rather calmly, "As long as nothing happens in QY Island, I think Eric will be able to deal with these people."

Richie answered, without making any comment on their capabilities.

"Richie... Why are you here?"

Shirley's voice came through the phone, who seemed quite surprised. Hearing that, Brian raised his eyebrows. Then he heard Richie say, "I'll keep a watch here, but only about security. I won't be a part of anything else."

"Hmmm!" Brian answered. Then he was about to hang up the phone when he heard Shirley's voice indistinctly on the phone…

Shirley asked, "Well, who are you talking with on the phone?"

Richie answered, "Bri!"

With a smile forming at the corner of his mouth, Brian could imagine Shirley's expression at the moment. She must be frozen. Then Richie would be burdened by her endless nagging. .

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