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   Chapter 554 A Messy Tangle (Part Two)

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The explanation was plain and to the point, but Brian said it in a confident and domineering tone, which was due to the arrogance deep in his heart. He had every right to be so arrogant.

"Due to your manipulation, untoward accidents may happen with many people..." Molly said in a polite tone, hinting at her disapproval of what Brian did and said.

Brian just wore a faint smile and responded, "Trading is very much like gambling. It's a game for the greedy people. Nobody was forced to enter stock market, every one made a choice." After taking a pause, he added, "Besides, what I do is not popular business. If I have considered everyone else's well-being, then accidents and misfortunes will happen to me!"

Molly did not utter a single word. Actually, she clearly understood what Brian saying was true, because she had worked part-time in the casino. But still none of this put her at ease.

Upon seeing Molly slightly lowering her eyes and seeming distressed, Brian suddenly said, "If you don't like that kind of thing, I can give up Emp, and even Grand Night Casino!"

Hearing his shocking reaction, Molly raised her head and looked at Brian with her mouth slightly open, as if she was looking at a stranger. She could not believe what she had just heard. She tried to read his face, to find some sign that he was joking, but instead was confronted with his seriousness. She asked, "Really?"

"I'm not kidding!" Brian assured her of his sincerity yet again.

Molly could not express how she was feeling now. She was taken aback by Brian's words. How could he give up his business for her sake, in an instant?

"Well, you don't believe me?" Brian asked with remorseful eyes. "Molly, why don't you try? If you need it, I can stop Grand Night Casino and Emp Exchange right now!"

Molly tried to close her mouth and swallowed her saliva before she could come back to her senses. In a hurry, she shook her head and said, "Well, you don't need to do that just because of what I said... Besides, I could never

. You enjoy lunch by yourself, sorry!"

"Then you..."

Becky did not respond. Instead, holding her bag tightly in her hand, she walked away as proud as a peacock, leaving the restaurant behind.

Looking at her back and then looking in the private room's direction, Lucy sneered coldly. She went on with her lunch, in a seemingly improved mood.

After walking out of the restaurant's gate and entering the car, Becky took out her cellphone and dialed a number.

As the line got connected, an arrogant woman's voice came through. Having no time to care about the sense of arrogance, Becky said coldly, "I have decided that I agree to cooperate with you, but you must ensure to succeed."

"With your help, how could I possibly fail?"

Hearing that, Becky tightened her hand, in which she gripped her cellphone. Then she said, "After you succeed, I need for you to leave Molly at my disposal!"

"You may ask for anything except Brian, and I will accept those demands..."

"Ok, this is a deal!" Becky answered, gritting her teeth. While a cruel and gloomy expression flashing in her eyes, she hung up.

This time, she was determined to prevent Molly from winning Brian over at any cost, even if it meant damage to herself. As for Hannah, she would deal with her later. After all, it was still uncertain who would have the last laugh.

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