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   Chapter 553 A Messy Tangle (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-04-21 20:24

I miss you so dearly, but I can't tell you. I can't just pick up my phone to call or text you to express my feelings, it is all unnecessary and immaterial now.


Just looking at Spark standing in front of the window weakly with a cloth over his shoulder, Harrow felt a sharp pain in his heart, but he could do nothing about it. He then asked, "Spark, do you have to ruin your health like this?"

Silence ensued between them as Spark did not respond.

Harrow was so angry, at the moment, that he walked forward and pulled Spark around. While gritting his teeth, he said, "Do you think Molly will come back because you are drowning yourself in misery and sorrow? No, that is never going to happen. The fact is that even if she doesn't love Mr. Brian Long, he won't let her go. As far as I know, Mr. Long has never failed to get what he wants. So how long are you going to remain persistent in your pursuits?"

Without the spark of arrogance and confidence in his eyes, Spark powerlessly watched Harrow expressing his anger and concerns. Harrow, his elder brother, had been someone he had always liked following, but he also played an indirect part in his mother's death. Well, how ironic...

"I will leave as long as I ensure that she is happy...that is all that matters...her happiness," Spark spoke in a low tone laced with misery and illness. He pushed Harrow's hands aside feebly yet with some force to turn around again. As he looked out at the gloomy sky, he said, "You'd better leave. Please don't stay with me. If you stay here, I will be more uncomfortable dealing with all of this."

Just hearing that, Harrow clenched his fingers into a fist, leaving behind the knuckling sound from his joints. He wished with all his heart to pull Spark out of his misery by punching him with his strong fist, but he knew he could not do that. Their relationship had been quite bad, so he could not dare to do it at the cost of making their ties weaker.

"You go move on, deal with your own life..." Spark pointed and nudged him towards the door again. "Nanny is here to take care of me

risk of getting arrested for manipulating stock market in such a hostile manner?" Molly blurted out her doubt before she even realized what she was saying. She was just wondering in her heart. How could she just vocalize it in this way?

Brian stopped what he was doing instantly, and looked at Molly with his deep and concerned eyes. Embarrassed, Molly blushed by his attention.

"I, I... I don't..." Molly did not know how to explain her impulse.

"Not what?" asked Brian as a sly flash appeared in his eyes. But he concealed his thought so deep that Molly could not even notice it. "You do not want to question me, or do not want me to get arrested?"

Compressing her lips, Molly did not say a word. Instead, she just nodded indicating her choice.

With an almost invisible smile at one side of his thin lips, Brian began speaking slowly, "Generally speaking, I don't really manipulate stock market in a hostile way. For most of the time, the reason why I do something about the stock market is to balance it, otherwise Emp will surely face a lot of trouble." He did not mind telling her what he did. After a pause, he added, "But under special circumstances, I have to manipulate the growth rate of some share prices. Of course, unlike ordinary stock brokers, I am not stupid enough to leave any evidence and trace behind to make myself vulnerable to arrests or any legal trouble."

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