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   Chapter 552 Misunderstanding Hurts (Part Two)

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At the hospital.

Harrow had no idea that Brian was coming for a visit. He looked at Spark who had just woken up, and then at Brian. Awkwardly he said, "Mr. Brian Long..."

Brian threw a glare at him, and Harrow shut up tacitly. Brian turned to Spark who looked weak, but angry. Harrow sighed, then said, "I'll go buy some fruits and water."

Then he quickly left the room.

Tony was waiting outside, and Harrow walked over to him. He glanced at the ward once, then probed, "What's Mr. Brian Long doing here?"

"No idea," Tony's answer was curt. Seeing Harrow's brows knitted in worry, he coldly added, "Spark and Miss. Mol...Mrs. Long are just strangers now. As long as he stays away from her, Mr. Brian Long will do nothing to him."

"Mr. Brian Long and Molly...

They are getting married."

Tony was startled, his mouth opened wide.

"Mr. Brian Long said that it's for Mark." "I think it's to bind Molly to him," Tony scoffed.

Harrow looked at Tony's discontented look, sighed, then sat on the chair outside. Slowly Harrow said, "It's for the best. Molly should be with Brian. Another man is not an option for her anymore. They should all let her go now."

Tony scoffed again.

Harrow knew that Tony was biased against Molly. After all, Mr. Brian Long had gotten himself injured thrice for her, and Tony cared and worshiped Brian too much to let him get injured or debase himself. Brian was a god-like figure to him.

Inside the ward, the air was solemn and silent.

"Molly... How's she doing?" Spark asked after an extended silence.

"Do you think that she is not doing well?" Brian quipped. At the sight of Spark's angry look, Brian added, "Don't worry. As long as she is with me, she will be well taken care of."

Spark was also a man. He could tell that Brian really loved Molly, which just upset him even more. If Brian didn't truly love her, he could have waited for her; he would have had a chance to win her over. But that wasn't possible anymore. Brian loved her.

"Brian, don't ever let her down; don't ever let her be lonely in the snowy streets again," Spark's eyes were sad and desperate. He remembered the scene in

it warmed Molly's heart. She looked at Brian, nose twitching bitterly, then choked out the word, "Sorry."

Her actions made Brian's heart sink. Instantly, a sense of concern swallowed him. Coldly, he warned, "Molly, whatever happens, don't ever think about leaving me."

Tearfully, Molly shook her head and asked, "You injected that drug into Daniel to save his life, didn't you?"

Brian was surprised. He wondered how Molly knew. She couldn't suppress her tears anymore. She cried fiercely, "Brian, why didn't you explain it to me? You've been wronged."

Instead of replying, Brian pulled her into his arms. He slowly asked, "Explain? Even if I had explained it to you, would you have believed me?"

His question made Molly's heart ache. She had no idea what was going on between Brian and her now. She pushed him aside and cried, "But you should have tried to explain, or did you want me to misunderstand you like this forever?"

Brian sighed and wiped her tears, his face still detached and emotionless. He comforted her gently, "But you know the truth now."


Furious, she struck Brian's chest. He didn't dodge, but only held her neck and pulled her into his arms.

Molly sobbed as she drenched in his warm hug. She was touched by his affection, but also afraid of it. She feared that she might end up in a more lousy place if she lost her heart to him again.

That was not a scenario she could afford to be in.

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