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   Chapter 550 Bitter, Sweet Love (Part Three0

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Why did his father love Aunt Shirley? And, why did his mother love his father so humbly?

In fact, he knew. He knew that love should be and was worth fighting for. So why? Why was he unhappy? How come he was not happy at all?

These questions clouded his mind. "Eric, slow down..." Molly said, quivering, as she could no longer bear the terror caused by such high speed.

However, it seemed like Eric didn't hear her. The car continued to speed up. Molly couldn't do anything else but to close her eyes. She didn't know why Eric was suddenly acting crazy. But by instinct, she chose not to say any more.

"Creak--" the harsh sound of the brake sounded extraordinarily loud and odd in the empty place.

Molly gasped for breath, opened her mouth slightly and looked ahead. Trying hard to swallow her saliva, she turned her head slowly to look at Eric and said, "You're crazy!"

Jolting out, Eric said, "Well, I'm crazy? Yes, I am crazy!" Alas, he could no longer contain his emotions.

Eric despised the fact that he was so crazy to let her break into his life. He was so crazy that he couldn't help but fall in love with her. He was so crazy to trapped himself entangled by a love similar to that of the prior generation, which he had tried so hard to avoid.

After feeling angered by himself, slowly, he turned his head to look at her, somewhat teary-eyed. As he slightly squinted, his body suddenly let out an air of menace. He said, "Molly, have you ever had a crush on me?"

Looking at Eric, who seemed like a beast at the moment, she pulled her body away from him. Leaning against the car door, she faltered, "Eric, we... we are friends..."

"Exactly, I am indeed only a friend of yours," he said. With self-mockery in his eyes, Eric thought, 'Aunt Shirley loves Uncle Richie, but she once had a crush on Frank too. However, I am only a friend who's needed when she feels lonely and whenever she needs someone to act as a support.' Thinking of this, he said, "Molly, there are many kinds of friends. I don't know which kind of friend I am in your heart, but please, please remember to never let yourself get hurt. If that ever happens, I will take you back from Brian, no matter at what cost."

Eric sounded serious, it was written all over his face. Hearing and seeing him like that, Molly

ow." Slightly raising her eyebrows, she quickly changed the topic, "What about your plan on Brian?"

"I'm still making some arrangements. I have to make sure that I will succeed," Hannah said with a smile of self-confidence. "Molly is nothing more but his child's mother. If she didn't bring up the child, do you think Brian would've treated her this way?" she said, putting on a straight face. "As long as I manage to carry his child, I'll be more likely to be together with him than Molly. I know that will be possible since grandpa once rescued Wing," she continued.

"Mr. Brian Long won't be manipulated by anyone without resisting or avenging," Jenifer could not agree with her. While it might be true that Hannah was at an advantage, but with Brian's attitude, nothing was certain.

Hearing that, Hannah smiled with an expression of malevolence in her eyes and said, "If that is the case, then I just need to find his soft spot. From that, I can create some misunderstanding between him and Molly." She wore a mocking smile.

Curious of what her words meant, Jenifer asked, "What do you mean?"

But, instead of answering her, Hannah paused to keep her in suspense and suddenly changed the topic, "Oh! I almost forgot. I have a lunch appointment with someone in a while."

Noticing how Hannah was making a mystery out of it, Jenifer could not help but smile and ask, "Who? Tell me who!"

"Brian's ex-girlfriend," said Hannah, trying to contain her excitement in stirring up Molly and Brian.

"Becky Yan," she added.

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