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   Chapter 549 Bitter, Sweet Love (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7449

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Brian was silent for a while. He then said, "I'll drive you there."

"You go ahead and do your work," Molly replied. "I'm just going to have a look at him," she continued hastily.

Brian uttered not a single word from what she just said. Instead, he turned his head to have a look at her. As his eyes turned dark, he nodded and said, "Then, let Eric take you there."

"I can go there by myself..." but even before she could finish, Brian dialed Eric without taking her words seriously.

When the line was connected, instead of asking Eric to bring her to visit Daniel, he first asked Eric what he was doing. After learning that he didn't have anything important to do in the morning, he said, "Molly wants to have a look at Daniel. I'll take her to your place. Then, you take her there."

Feeling the morning breeze at the terrace of the hotel, with a cup of coffee in his hand, Eric looked ahead with his deep sight and asked in a nasty tone, "Do you trust me that much, enough to let me be along with Little Molly?"

Upon hearing his words, Brian raised his eyebrows in a domineering manner. Then, he said, "It's not because I trust you, it's because I'm confident in myself.'

Eric laughed bitterly from the confidence in his words. Even during their childhood, there had always been a gap between him and Brian that he hadn't been able to pass. Perhaps it was because he'd been hesitant all this time that he had missed so much.

Later that morning, Molly and Eric were together. All this time, she felt that there was something off in him, but she could not tell how and where. He still looked frivolous, unruly and arrogant as always, with the usual nasty smile at the corner of his mouth. However, the air of danger in his body seemed have reduced largely, which was more stressing.

Wondering what it was, Molly remained quiet. Eric noticed her perplexed actions. Suddenly, he asked, "What are you thinking about?"

"You've changed. You're weird now..." Molly told him frankly. Whenever she was together with Eric, despite disliking some of his behaviors, she actually felt relaxed. With him, she could be herself and say anything she wanted to say without thinking twice.

Despite her words soundi

her, Eric tried to hide his sadness with arrogance. He said, "Don't say such emotional words to me, or I will do something you don't want me to do right now."

Without waiting for her to react, he averted his sight, restarted the engine and pressed on the gas towards the drug rehabilitation center. The car ran so fast that Molly was too scared to think about anything else. She bit her lips hard, grasped the handrail tightly with both her hands and stared ahead with eyes wide open. She felt like she was about to die at any moment.

As Eric kept hitting on the gas, they ran at the highest speed indicated on the speedometer. His sight was gloomy, and his heart was quivering. His mind recalled his conversation with Brian yesterday, asking him if he would be happy if they kept fighting this way.

Confused, he didn't know whether he would be happy or not if he and Brian patched things up. But, what he did know was that he was currently in pain, knowing that everything's going well between Brian and Molly. While everybody believed that he just wanted to fight against Brian, but the truth was, he really had fallen hard in love with Molly. It was because he was in love with her that he found himself not being able to deal reasonably in anything related to her. On one hand, he wanted to fight for her and keep her by his side. On the other hand, he was afraid that she would get hurt by doing so. And just like what Brian said, he was unhappy. He had never been happy.

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