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   Chapter 548 Bitter, Sweet Love (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7844

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If the whole world betrays you, I will betray the whole world by your side. These were the words Eric Long once said.


With his hands in his trousers' pockets, Brian lightly leaned against the desk, watching the monitor in front of him. His mouth was sealed, while his falcon eyes were deep with cool light.

Pulling the corner of his mouth, Shane tried to pretend that he wasn't heard by Brian just now. Looking somewhat embarrassed, he hung up the phone hastily and greeted Brian, "M...Morning! Mr. Brian Long!"

"Hmp!" Brian sneered at Shane's greeting. With his black eyes turning deeper, he said in an indifferent tone, "Jason is going to have a long holiday soon. You will replace him during his absence as soon as you finish everything in QY Island..."

"Aha?" Shane replied, cutting-off Brian's words. The words he just heard made Shane's eyes wide-opened, unhappy from this sudden news. He then tried putting on a slight smile and said, "Mr. Brian Long, let me deal with that cheater... You know that I won't be able to manage a casino. If I do, I might as well die."

Shane's gambling skills were absolutely undisputed, but managing a casino would mean a headache for him. Even before, whenever Brian wanted to teach him a lesson and fix him, he would let him manage a casino. Most of the time, it worked.

"You may die, not must die..." said Brian, which simply meant that there was no longer room for negotiations. Hearing this, Shane couldn't help but cry silently in his heart, blaming himself for his own mischief. This happened because he was being a big-mouth just now.

"I will be sending what you asked for last night in an instant," Brian said while standing up, walking around the desk and sitting down behind it.

"Understood. I'll be going there tomorrow," said Shane, who instantly became serious whenever business was on the line. As soon as he read the documents sent by Brian, he understood what Brian was thinking about. Time passed and they continued discussing.

After giving instructions to Shane, Brian turned off the monitor and ended their conversation. His fingers started typing quickly on the keyboard, sending commands to XK Intelligence Agency one after another.

After working and being busy for several hours, time passed and the dawn finally came, but the sky was still dreary.


I tried doing this for Wing, sometimes," he replied. "Let's go downstairs. Mark is waiting for us!" Brian continued in a soft tone.

Looking at his slender figure turning around, Molly felt warm in her heart. Last night, when she wept from the sorrows in the past, Brian had neither said anything nor left her. Instead, he held her in his arms lovingly until she fell asleep.

As Brian was heading out the room, he heard no footsteps from behind. He turned around to see what Molly was doing. "Are you still not leaving?" Brian asked in an indifferent tone.

After being in a daze for quite some time, Molly rushed to catch up with Brian. Seeing that she was in a daze, he wore a faint, comfortable smile at the corner of his mouth as he turned around.

Later that morning, after their sweet act, Brian and Molly took Mark to school together. Remembering that he had something to deal with, he asked, "I have to go to Emp, are you going there together with me or…"

Surprised, Molly was in a daze. Brian, who had been domineering all this time, was actually asking for her opinion. Unable to respond right away, she first paused and said, "I...I want to see Daniel first." Yesterday, after leaving the hospital, she hadn't been able to get a hold of Daniel. She had tried calling Eric and later had learned that Daniel had been sent to a drug rehabilitation center. Not knowing when would be the next time she could return from QY Island, in consideration to possible uncertainties, she wanted to visit him before leaving A City for QY Island with Brian.

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