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   Chapter 546 Departure From The Past And Longing For The Future (Part Seven)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6615

Updated: 2019-04-20 02:01

After some time, Molly had collected herself and made her way to the bed. She was wondering how she would deal with the fact that she had to be alone with Brian tonight. Her train of thought was broken by the sound of Brian coming out of the bathroom. He seemed so clean and fresh post-bathing. Slung on his body was a white bathrobe and his hair was wet and combed neatly backwards making his angular face even sharper than it already was. Molly was blushing again. He slowly went up to her and said flatly, "Go to sleep, don't wait up." Molly was a bit hurt at this words but she was more caught up on the fact that she was hurt. Why would she be hurt? She lowered her head hastily in embarrassment and didn't respond. As if he couldn't see her embarrassment, Brian continued, "I need to catch up on work as there are some urgent concerns I need to take care of. So I'm gonna be late, you can go ahead and sleep now."

Molly wasn't really sure what he meant. But since she knew Brian very well, she just didn't ask anymore. She knew Brian had to have his way and she didn't really want to know what Brian's attention was on, so she just nodded her head in assent. Brian walked out of the bedroom and went to his study silently.

Molly was left all alone in the bedroom. It was strange but apart from the moments of disappointment or embarrassment, she ultimately just felt empty. She was unsure about everything that she was sure of, ironically enough. She bit her lips and sipped her milk while her mind wandered off. When she had finished off her milk, she stood up robotically and headed to the bathroom for a shower.

The moon had gradually made its way to the center of the sky, which reflected softy on the window. Everything was a peaceful calm and a blaring quiet. It was easy to get lost in one's mind on nights like this.

Molly lay in their bed that smelled of Brian's familiar scent. She lay wide awake, unable to sleep as her eyes stared blankly at the ceiling

girl that he couldn't ever resist. Even now, while she was asleep, he still couldn't resist her. Brian frowned and sighed.

Suddenly, Molly furrowed her brows together and coughed lightly. Brian froze and was suddenly too aware that his finger was fondling her face. He drew it back hastily not wanting her to wake up and see him like that. Luckily, Molly didn't open her eyes; she just pursed her lips slightly and shifted her body, continuing her sleep.

Brian sighed in relief. As if he had completely forgotten what he went in the room for initially, he remained where he was just watching her sleep. Time slowly crept by. The atmosphere in the room was warm and cozy as he continued to affectionately watch her sleep. After a while, Molly shifted positions again trying to look for a comfortable spot, pursing her lips again. He couldn't help himself but stoop down and touch his lips with hers.

However, he had gone too far now. The moment their lips touched, he couldn't hold himself back anymore. Her scent and her breath was too much for him. He continued to kiss her, relishing the taste of her soft lips. His soul felt like it was flying.

'Just a little more, ' his subconscious kept telling him. However, it was too late. Suddenly, Molly's eyes sprung open. Their eyes met, in shocking amazement.

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