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   Chapter 545 Departure From The Past And Longing For The Future (Part Six)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7379

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Edgar nodded his head as one last goodbye and escorted Jennifer towards their table.

Their dinner was supposed to be a happy moment for their family but it was slightly ruined by their run-in with Edgar and Jennifer. Even Mark could sense that something was wrong. He looked hesitantly at Brian and then at Molly who had already turned numb due to the tension. Brian noticed Mark's uneasiness—something that Brian was trying to avoid for Mark to feel in the first place. So he tried his best to divert Mark's attention from what had just happened by bringing up topics after topics so that Mark would forget the whole thing. Molly was also distracted by the conversation- her face gradually lighting up as the night went on.

"Papa Brian, can I sleep with you tonight?" Mark suddenly asked of Brian, his eyes were almost begging as he looked at Brian while they were driving on the way home.

"Okay," Brian answered simply, not even looking back at Mark.

This was enough to light up Mark's eyes and paint a big smile on his face, "This is the best day ever!" he cried excitedly.

Molly sat in silence in the back seat, listening to their conversation. She somehow felt jealous at their closeness. She hated to admit it but she couldn't ignore it. She felt as if she was estranged from her own son. 'It's been barely a month since I left him with Brian and how quickly they've grown close. It's like I didn't spend the last four years with him, ' she whined in her mind.

Brian could see that Molly was pouting in the backseat; he smiled at that sight. 'If Mark is all you care about, that's fine, I love taking care of Mark. Because I know that as long as Mark is here, you won't ever leave. And dealing with Mark is fine. I don't own XK Intelligence Agency for nothing—I know how things work. Always use your enemy's weakness against him. And yours was pretty obvious and it's sitting right here next to me.

I have no choice but to use him especially if it means I get to keep you around, ' Brian thought to himself.

When they got home, Molly helped Mark with his bath right away. When they were finished, they saw Brian standing against the window talking on the phone as they headed out of

hen Brian stooped down and kissed him softly on the forehead, "Good night, son," Brian said softly. Molly melted at the sight of Brian being so sweet and caring.

When Mark was finally asleep, Brian dimmed the lights and closed the door gently as he and Molly got out of the room. They walked silently to their bedroom.

"Let me warm the milk for you," Molly was dreading this moment—something she knew would happen when Mark finally fell asleep. This moment was the fact that she and Brian would be alone. She didn't even look at him when she spoke.

Brian looked at her, his eyes twinkling, "I have to do something first, you can put it in my study while I shower," he said easily.

Molly felt a wave of relief as he spoke. She pursed her lips and nodded.

Brian knowingly smiled when he saw how uneasy Molly was. He lingered for a moment just staring into Molly's eyes before he went off to the bathroom. Molly automatically turned her face in shyness. After a few moments, the sound of a shower could be heard. Molly snapped out of her daze and hurried downstairs to warm the milk.

After she had warmed the milk, she took the glass to Brian's study and put it on the table. She returned to their bedroom with her own glass. Brian still hadn't stepped out of the shower. The glassy wall of the bathroom showed a shadow of Brian's muscular body. Molly blushed at this sight so much so that she actually froze holding a tighter grasp on her glass of milk.

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