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   Chapter 544 Departure From The Past And Longing For The Future (Part Five)

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A strange feeling struck Molly's heart as she watched Brian and Mark's bond. She remembered the old days again. 'This is all so new and amazing to me because the four years that Mark spent with Spark couldn't even compare to the bond that Mark has with Brian now - and all this from just barely a month of getting to know each other, ' Molly thought to herself.

"Don't feel like eating?"

Brian asked in a deep tone. Molly snapped out of her trance and looked up to Brian who was gazing at her. Molly's face flushed, she was embarrassed, "No, no," she said hastily.

"Good," Brian said as he held out his hand to replace her food with his own as if nothing unnerving or new was happening between them. He just started enjoying her food nonchalantly.

Molly tilted her head down to look at her plate of food. She was surprised to find that Brian had cut and sliced the food into tiny bite-sized pieces. She suddenly turned red again - she was moved by this, overwhelmed with appreciation. Molly raised her head and looked at Brian who happened to be reaching out to wipe off Mark's mouth that had been littered with morsels of food. She felt her heart glowing at the sight.

How beautiful this sight was! She couldn't help but feel strong affection towards Brian. She was still supposed to be mad at him over what he had just said about Spark and if it wasn't for Mark, she would have outright gotten mad at him. But as she watched Brian show nothing but love and care for Mark, she just felt all soft and tender inside. It was as if she had been dreaming of this moment to come and she just wished she could stop time and live in this moment forever.

Lost in her own reverie, Molly was silent the whole time, except only now and then she would raise her head and respond to Mark's questions in short and brief answer. She sat motionlessly there, listening to the father and son's random talk. Though most of the time, it was Mark who was leading the conversation, it looked wonderingly sweet and warm in her heart.

Since it was Mark's first day of school, he was naturally excited to share stories. Ever since he had started speaking, he seemed to be fascinated with being able to talk to others without using his hands and expressing his thoughts. Especially since he had such an exciting day, he had so many things to share. To Molly, it seemed that he

taunting smile on his face.

This was a direct blow to Jennifer wrapped in a pretty package. Jennifer's face was pale as a sheet - horrified.

For a while, no one spoke. Brian slowly turned to look at Mark. Arrogant was he because he knew he had the upper hand. Mark remained silent the whole time, his eyes wide, and his mouth agape in confusion. Brian couldn't help but feel tenderness as he watched Mark. He held out his hand and caressed Mark's cheek with the back of his forefinger. Then Brian turned to Edgar again, "Mayor Gu, feel free to join us for dinner?" he only offered out of courtesy but dinner with Edgar was the last thing Brian wanted.

"No, thanks" Edgar said, his face immediately shifting into an easy grin, "We won't be so banal as to interrupt your happy family reunion," he said lightly and smirked at Jennifer as if looking for some kind of agreement from her.

"Well then," Brian said conclusively. His eyes moved towards Jennifer then back at Edgar again, "We wouldn't want to interrupt your date too, I hope Jennifer doesn't think so," he said blankly.

"Oh, that's funny!" Edgar cried. His face lightened up in a cunning, shifty smile, as if he was really impressed. "Anyway, we hate to overstay our welcome. Please go on and enjoy your food!" Then he turned to Molly and said, "Molly, it's been so long since we last saw each other. I'd love it if we met up sometime to catch up," he asked sincerely - although in his heart, he was afraid she would refuse him.

"I… I'd love to," Molly murmured under her breath - still embarrassed.

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