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   Chapter 543 Departure From The Past And Longing For The Future (Part Four)

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As always, he never liked skirting around the subject.

"Yes. I've just sent him into the drug control center," Eric replied candidly. He didn't intend to hide that from Brian. "I originally planned to take him to Molly first but then after that conversation with you, I kind of forgot..."

His voice trailed off, he was still partially scared of Brian. After a short pause, Brian said, "That's okay. When we go back to QY Island, I'll take Mol to see him."

"You're taking Molly to QY Island?" Eric cried, rather shocked.

"Why? Any objections to that?" Brian asked.

"No, no. Not in the least," Eric instantly realized he had slipped and smiled sheepishly.

"I'm taking Mol and Mark now for dinner. You want to come with us?" Brian noticed his tension so he let the subject go and invited him gently.

Eric started to ease up. He rolled his eyes casually, "Brother, you don't want me to be the third wheel again, do you? It's better if you and your family just spend some time together alone," Eric said. There was a trace of sadness in his voice.

"Well, no one gives up until it actually hurts," Brian commented, "Eric, listen, at least think about it, okay?" His voice was soft and tender. Brian didn't wait for Eric to respond before hanging up the phone.

Lenny continued to drive in silence. Every now and then, Lenny would look over to Eric quickly, who hadn't said a word since he got off the phone. Lenny sighed, she couldn't help but feel pity for Eric. 'Young Master, you must be very sad. It's difficult to fall in love with the same girl as your cousin has. Even though you try to pretend that you're okay, I understand the pain you feel.

It's not your fault that you fell in love with her. Love knows no right or wrong - not even on you or Brain. It's understandable with all the issues that you've carried over from your history. But who really knows how much you're hurting right now?'

"Lenny, have people always been this greedy? They just want more and more," he suddenly said, his gaze fixed straight ahead. His words sounded so distinct and strange to hear.

Lenny didn't answer. She just quickly glanced at him as a response and returned her gaze to the road. She didn't need to answer him, anyway. She knew him well enough to know that he was just talking to himself. Eric appreciated that about Lenny - for him, she was the best listener he knew. He could say anything to her and that would be

ce hardened devoid of any emotion. Molly was pale as a sheet and her lips were quivering - she was hurt at his words. To her, it seemed like Brian was just trying to humiliate her and Spark. It was absolutely surprising that Brian would answer Mark's questions and what's more, in such an easy and calm manner as if everything had gone smoothly like he was making it out to be. Mark's eyes were brimming with curiosity - like he had so many questions to ask. Suddenly, his eyes lit up as if he just realized something.

Mark widened his eyes and cried, "No wonder mommy and daddy never slept together!"

"Mark!" Molly said sternly. But it was too late - the words had already been said. Molly instinctively turned towards Brian as Mark stared at her, flummoxed.

At that time, Brian had averted his gaze from Mark to Molly - their eyes met at that exact moment. A knowing smile formed on Brian's lips that made Molly turn away - her face had just turned a deep red color. She couldn't make herself look at him anymore. The color was now spreading to her neck - the embarrassment had run throughout her body. "Eat your food, son. It's getting cold," Brian reminded Mark.

Molly never removed her gaze from her food as they went on with their dinner. Her mind was racing - she was still embarrassed and feeling a bit uneasy about the fact that Brian knew. Meanwhile, Mark was absolutely elated - he was eating delicious food, he had a fantastic first day at school, his mom and dad was with him protecting him and caring for him. "This would be even more perfect if daddy and Manny were here," he said in a muffled voice.

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