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   Chapter 542 Departure From The Past And Longing For The Future (Part Three)

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"Thank you, Cathy. You too!" Molly said lightly.

After Cathy had left, Molly didn't leave right away. She remained standing in the corridor and just watched Cathy walk towards the examination room - the same one that she had just come out of. She felt bad for her because she somehow knew what it was like to suffer from eye problems and what more hurtful was that Cathy's condition was worse than hers. She only turned to leave when Cathy finally stepped into the room, disappearing.

When Cathy entered the examination room, she grinned at Elias and cried in excitement, "You won't believe what just happened! I met Molly in the corridor!" She was still so hyped up from meeting Molly and it was obvious. "Really?" Elias asked, seemingly interested, "Did she know who you were?"

"Of course, not," Cathy shook her head and continued, "I don't think Brian's told her about me and I think I know his concerns. She might blame herself and feel guilty if she ever found out. And Brian wouldn't want that to happen and of course, I don't too. I think sometimes it's better to keep silent about things," she said insightfully.

"How do you say so? It's not like you can be 100% sure," Elias retorted. In Elias' point of view, he couldn't stomach the idea of donating his eyes to someone and not expect at least some gratitude in return.

Cathy squinted at him and lifted her chin haughtily, "I am sure! I know how much Brian loves Molly. He wouldn't want her to get hurt or suffer or anything," she said confidently.

As Elias started examining her eyes, he asked in a concerned tone, "Cathy, have you felt some kind of hatred towards Brian or Molly? Like even just a tiny bit?"

"No, never," she said without hesitation. She smiled again, full of life and excitement. She was seemingly lost in her own thoughts. After a moment, she spoke in a soft voice, "I've always appreciated this turn of events. Because Molly needed my eyes, my mom was able to see a doctor. Because she got well, she was able to take care of my brothers and sisters and they could all go to school now. Brian's been taking good care of me. I mean, I can't see clearly but at least, I'm not blind. And besides, I know you've been trying your best so that I can see again. There are so many good people around me who just wants to help so I truly believe that I'll get to see a

e time, unsure how to respond to him. Eric nodded his head lightly towards the central officer and said, "I'm leaving. Keep him here."

"Rest assured, sir, we'll do our best to help him with his addiction," the officer gently promised to Eric. To the officer's eyes, Eric was too rich and powerful to even take the risk of slightly offending him.

Eric's eyes furrowed at his promise, "I don't want you to try and do your best. I want you to do it," he snapped.

The officer recoiled in fear. "We will do it, we will…" his mind mechanically repeated in terror.

Eric smiled defiantly when he saw the officer's reaction, "Well, then, I should get going. You should go back to work," he said as he rose from his seat, "I'll visit your director later today. You'll be very pleased about your performance bonus. Of course, it'll still depend on how well you perform." And then without another word or even another look at Daniel, Eric left.

The officer's eyes instantly lit up. He bowed his head towards Eric and thanked him repeatedly until he left.

A small smile played on Eric's lips. He was very satisfied about how much he had done with money. It was so powerful, you could have control over anything you want as long as you had money. And he felt that he was lucky to have both power and money so he could order anyone to do anything as he wished.

Lenny was waiting for him in her car at the gate. Eric walked straight towards her and got in. Just as Lenny started the car, his phone rang.

It was from Brian. "Is Daniel with you?" he asked shortly.

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