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   Chapter 540 Departure From The Past And Longing For The Future (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8086

Updated: 2019-04-19 00:12

Instead of passively accepting things, sometimes it's better to face it bravely; instead of squatting with the birds, it's better to fight the wind and rain; instead of being lonely in silence, it's better to break out in the struggle. The more difficult the road, the greater the obstacles, so the more risks to overcome. But as long as you power through those challenges, then life won't disappoint you.

Before Harrow could even utter another word, Spark went ahead and cried furiously, "I don't want to see you. Go away!"

Looking at him standing weakly by the door, his face pallid and haggard, and his hair ruffled and greasy, Harrow's heart filled with deep pity and helplessness. He hated that there was nothing he could do to help him, and he wasn't good at appeasing people either. He stood there for a moment in bewilderment, looking at him, and then grinned sheepishly. "Why? You don't want me to see you like this?" he said, in an easy manner.

To Harrow, Spark had always been haughty and rude. He had never liked being insulted by anyone. He didn't like it when someone insults him or hurts his ego. And for him, the only way to exert his dominance was to provoke other people. In truth, he was the only one who took after his father—among all his siblings. The expressions he made, the way he talked, the way he handled things—they were all taken after his father. This could also probably be why his father never blamed him for anything. His father had always supported him, always behind his back no matter what decisions he made. He was so coddled especially as a child—maybe this is why he had a hard time accepting failure. Especially when it came to love—that he never really had to live without.

As much as he knew Harrow was purposely doing this to provoke him, he couldn't just get angry and send him on his way. He turned around, looking resigned, "Do you think I'm pathetic? Does seeing me like this make you happy? I thought you'd be happy because didn't you tell me that this was going to happen? And it came true," he said, his voice dripping of sarcasm.

"Spark," Harrow knitted his eyebrows, "You know very well that I'm only here because I'm worried about you," he said, peeved.

"Well, I appreciate but you didn't need to come," Spark mumbled. He was a complete mess; his clothes were too big on him as he had grown thin and weak, his feet cracked and dry, his face pallid an

ly. And this rang true based on what Manny had just heard, even though Spark showed that he was angry at Harrow, he didn't drive him away. Spark still needed the company and love that only Harrow could give because he was family.


As Brian and Molly drove back, Molly sat in the passenger's seat with her head hung low. Brian remained silent. He was starting to feel anxious. But he fought through it by thinking of Molly by his side and nothing made him happier.

Brian surreptitiously glanced at Molly as he drove. Her face was still smeared with tears, her eyes swollen and red. He furrowed his brows, worried while considering taking her to the hospital to have her eyes checked first.

Suddenly, Brian's phone rang. Brian snapped out of his trance and pressed the answer button.

"Dad," Mark's sweet voice came on the line. There seemed to be a hint of whining in his tone which made Molly and Brian wonder. How upset was Mark when he didn't find Molly and Brian waiting for him when he got off school? Not to mention that it was the first day of school. It must have really hurt him to watch his other classmates be picked up by their parents. Molly and Brian's heart twisted at the idea.

Molly turned to Brian in helplessness, not knowing how to appease Mark. "What's up, son?" Brian said after a momentary pause, his voice soft.

Mark grumbled. He was mad at them for not picking him up. "You lied to me, dad. You promised me that you and mommy will pick me up after school. But only Uncle Tony was there. You didn't pick me up and you're not home too! Where are you?" he asked, peeved.

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