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   Chapter 539 My Only Love, Molly (Part Two)

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"Spark..." Molly kept sobbing in Spark's arms. He had been there for her for all those four years even when she was feeling depressed all over again, even until she had gone into labor and until they found out that Mark couldn't speak, Spark had always stayed by her side. He never left her, always encouraging her and supporting her. She didn't love him but he held a very special place in her heart, one that couldn't be replaced. She just hoped that she didn't hurt him too much.

Spark held Molly tighter as if he could read her mind, bitter tears streaming down his face. He said firmly, "Don't blame yourself, Molly. I don't care if you left me or if you don't love me because that doesn't change the fact that you're the only love of my life. Please live your life as happily as you can. You should be happy, Mol. You deserve to be happy."

Spark broke into a smile, his eyes swollen. Soon after, tears started falling down his face again.

Eyes closed, Molly bit her lips. She had run out of words - this was too much for her.

Outside the hospital, Brian was still waiting. He was leaning against his car, hands in his pockets, legs crossed, and eyes down.

His crisp suit and fancy car only added to his appeal. Brian, the handsome and cold man that he was, was such a sight for sore eyes.

Everyone who had passed by Brian kept staring at him - whether it was medial staff, visitors, or even patients themselves. They were curious about what such an attractive man was doing in the hospital. He was too good-looking to not be talked about.

The crowd were already wondering why he had looked so familiar. It occurred to them that he was the man who held the press conference earlier that afternoon.

"Wow, that's Brian Long, right?"

"Yes, I think so. He looks so good," A woman said. Then as she thought back to the press conference, she speculated, "If Brian is here, then does that mean Spark really is in this hospital?"

"But if Spark was admitted here then how come I didn't see his name anywhere? Or even heard about it?"

"But if Spark's not here then what's Brian doing here?"

The crowd started buzzing. But knowing who Brian was and knowing what kind of person he was, they had to keep their mouths hushed. They couldn't discuss it as publicly or as loudly as they would like to. As they continued to look at Brian, they realized how mixed their feelings were toward him.

Brian didn't dignify their stares and gossip by noticing them. He never really was the type of person concerning over how others think of him.

d opening. Spark didn't turn around. He only said in a quiet voice, "Manny, she's gone..."

The room was silent.

Spark grimaced, eyes red from crying, and continued, "Manny, when mom left, I couldn't understand why she loved that man. I didn't know why she had to do all of that just to be with that man. But now I get it," he shed more tears, a bitter smile forming on his lips, "You know? On one hand, I did tell myself that I should just let her go so that I wouldn't burden her anymore. She should be happy. But on the other hand, I just can't take it anymore. I told her. I told her that I loved her with all my heart. I didn't mean to say that though. I wasn't planning on telling her because like I said, I didn't want my affection for her to be a burden on her anymore, but I was just, I was just afraid. I was afraid that if I didn't tell her now then I never would be able to."

The person who came in remained standing behind his back, frowning, his eyes showing empathy.

"Love hurts." Spark lowered his head, tears dripping on the window sill. His reflection was the vision of despair. "It's as if my heart was torn into a million pieces. But you know? I don't regret it. Even if she didn't love me, I don't regret it. Even I was so sure back then that the day at the hotel when she told me she loved me. I was so sure she meant it then. That's enough for me.

I'm silly, huh?" Spark continued to talk even though he wasn't getting a response, "I'm willing to do all these things for her..."


the person said. It wasn't Manny's voice. Spark turned to look at who was talking to him, flummoxed. He paused for a while then asked flatly, "What are you doing here?


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