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   Chapter 538 My Only Love, Molly (Part One)

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"Come, I'll drive you." Molly looked at Brian with her swollen, red eyes.

She couldn't make up her mind.

Maybe, it was because of how sad Spark had sounded or maybe it was just Brian's offer altogether.

Molly remained still, biting her lips hesitantly. Her mind was one big mess as if she was playing a game that she didn't know the rules to. Every time she tried to get a win, she only sank deeper, her hands empty.

Spark winced when he heard Brian's overbearing voice over the phone. It was unspoken of but the war had already begun. Brian was obviously trying to get his message across to Spark: Molly was his, disrupting her heart simultaneously. Killing two birds with one stone, huh.

"I'll wait for you," Spark said, hanging up the phone before Molly could answer back. "Tony's going to pick up Mark and you're going to the hospital," Brian said right away.

Breaking his promise to Mark was the last thing Brian wanted to do but he didn't want Mark to see Molly like that - desperate and miserable.

And that's what Brian did: he sent Molly to the hospital. It was quite an odd relationship if one took a good look: Molly was sad and disheveled while Brian was calm and sharp as a tack.

Brian didn't come in with Molly when they got to the hospital, "I'll wait for you here," he said as he remained seated in the car.

Molly didn't expect that. She looked at Brian, bemused. Brian sat still, "What? You want me to be there while you talk divorce with Spark? No thanks."

Molly merely twitched her lips in disbelief as a response before getting off the car.

When Molly closed the door, she kept her eyes fixed on Brian or at least where he was supposed to be because she couldn't actually see him through the heavily-tinted windows. She lingered for a while before turning around and walking towards the hospital. If Molly was being honest about it, she was actually grateful that Brian chose not to come in with her. She was grateful for the privacy. When he had first offered to drive for her, she thought that it was just his way of controlling her or teasing her, either way. But she realized now that she was just overthinking it.

Brian watched as Molly's figure disappeared into the hospital entrance, murmuring to himself, "Molly, I have a lot of making up to do to Mark. I had to break my promise to him for you to be here but that's okay; it doesn't matter; it's worth the extra effort because I won't leave you alone in all of this."

Brian nestled in his seat, gazing outside the window. The leaves

But I just took you for granted. This is my fault. If I wasn't so selfish, I wouldn't have made you those promises that I knew I was gonna break, then you never would have expected so much for me and you wouldn't get hurt and you wouldn't have gotten hospitalized. It's all my fault."

"No, it's not your fault," Spark said as he pulled Molly into his arms. Molly tried to struggle free, but even being sick, Spark was still stronger than her. He was holding her so tight he must have been using all his strength, "Molly, don't be so hard on yourself. You're not a bad person, okay? You're not."

"That's not true. I am!" Molly cried harder into Spark's arms, "It's all my fault, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry."

"Please, Molly, please, don't say that anymore, stop saying that..." Tears streamed down Spark's face. He frowned woefully. His arrogance was all gone; now he looked all wretched and forlorn. Teeth gritted with determination, he said in a low voice, "Even if you rejected me at the beginning, I would still fall in love with you. Love wouldn't dissipate just for objection." Spark couldn't control himself anymore, his tears wouldn't stop falling. He thought long ago that his ability to love had died along with his mother. For all those years, he never shed a single tear. But Molly made him believe that he could love again. Her apology and how hard she was beating herself over it broke his heart. He consoled her, "Molly, when you love someone, you always devote your heart and soul to it. Since I've known you, I've loved you and I've given everything I have to you. It doesn't matter if you accept it or not because that doesn't change anything. I love you. I still love you."

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