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   Chapter 537 The Divorce (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Changdu Characters: 6124

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Brian stopped the car outside the school gate and got out, waiting just like any other normal father who had come to pick up his child after school. He kept a close watch on the school gate as he wanted to be the first one to see Mark as soon as he showed up.

Molly also got out of the car. She stood on the side of the front passenger seat. Then, she felt kind of weird and looked at Brian uneasily.

Brian shot a glance at Molly's troubled face. He was expecting her to say something, but she avoided his eyes on purpose. He could not help but coldly hum in his mind, yet he still walked towards Molly.

After peeping meekly at Brian who was now standing by her side, Molly had a rush of joy and she stared at the school gate. For that one moment, she put aside all her unhappiness. This scene, picking up her child after school with her beloved was one of those scenes she had fantasized would happen in her future. Such plain happiness was what she had longed for...

A smile quietly climbed up the corners of her lips and her eyes sparked with joy. Her expression caught Brian's eyes, and his thin lips wore a slightly visible smile too. 'This woman's happiness and grief are all displayed so clearly for everyone to see. Her happiness is not because of me, yet I'm still happy to be here to share her joy, ' Brian thought.

Their happy mood was pierced by the sudden sound of an elegant and intoxicating violin melody. Molly took out her phone immediately and saw that it was a call from Spark. Her first reaction was to look at Brian and then, she said, "I need to take this call."

Molly walked a few steps away from him and Brian's eyes followed her. When she pressed the answer key, she reflexively looked at Brian and their eyes locked. But before she had time to analyze the meaning of his darkened look, Brian t


"Mol, I'm sorry," Spark looked at the agreement and his eyes turned red, "I didn't mean to say that. I always wonder if there is even a little hope... But that's just my extravagant desire. You have his child and you never loved me anyway. You just got used to my company and relied on the beautiful and calm life we had created together." A thin mist formed in Spark's eyes, and he turned his head away quickly because he didn't want Manny to see his face.

Manny also duly turned his face to the other side. The Spark in front of him was no longer the unruly, arrogant and wicked Spark he knew before. Now, he was just a loser in the battlefield of love, a loser who's unwilling to leave, yet unable to stay. How could he bear to see this?

Molly's lips trembled. She grabbed onto the phone like she was holding on to her life. She felt heartbroken after hearing what Spark had said. Never could she figure out what she really wanted in her life. But ironically, she knew that Spark would understand her.

All of a sudden, she was embraced by Brian from behind, a familiar embrace for Molly. She turned around and looked at him with tear-filled eyes. Then she heard him say, "I will drive you there."

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