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   Chapter 536 The Divorce (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6100

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"Should I inform Mrs. Long to look after Mark while you are away?" Tony asked after a moment of silence.

"No," said Brian. He turned around, looked upstairs, and continued, "Shirley will definitely take care of Mark when she learns that we are away. Also, in our absence, she will naturally be more playful with Mark."

Tony raised a corner of his lips, which was very rare. He was quite familiar with Mrs. Long's character. She was always full of energy.

When she heard that her son wouldn't be around for a while, she would definitely try her best to show her deepest love for her grandchild.

At the council building of A City.

Bill, with his usual lollipop in his mouth, hurried to the Mayor's office. After a quick knock, he pushed the door open and let himself in. Edgar was still on the phone. He frowned slightly when he saw Bill enter in without his permission. He then said to the person on the phone, "I have some business to deal with now. We'll talk about this later."

He hung up without waiting for a response from the other side. Looking at Bill, he asked: "What happened?"

"Daniel is gone!"

Edgar furrowed his brows a little more, "What is that supposed to mean?"

Bill was trying to catch his breath since he had hurried up the stairs to give him the news as quickly as possible. He said, "I went to the police station and talked to the police chief to remind him of how important Daniel was to us. But by the time I got downstairs, Daniel was already gone," he paused, with a serious expression on his face. Then he continued, "The lawyer who had come to bail him out found a scapegoat!"

Edgar thought about what Bill had said, and then he asked, "Was the lawyer hired by Brian?"

Bill shook his head and replied, "I don't think so."

Hearing such answer, Edgar slowly leaned bac

or Molly, but it's definitely not for the reasons you think," Edgar's eyes flashed with rage, "I have lost Molly forever, and you will never know why I still want to stay here and what I want to save."

Edgar said those last words in a very low voice, as if he was talking to himself. But his eyes became fierce once again, "In fact, I am quite curious to know if you can really fulfill your wish." The contemptuous tone of his voice eventually irritated the woman. "This is the first time we're meeting, and hopefully the last. I have a feeling that if we meet again, something dire might happen between us, and I'm afraid it will end badly for both of us. Wish you good luck,"

Edgar said, glaring at the woman. And then, he turned around and left without any hesitation, with the same attitude with which he had come in to see her.

As soon as the door closed in front of the woman, she giggled coldly and said, "Edgar, what I want to do will be done at all costs."

Brian drove to Mark's school with Molly by his side.

The two remained silent through the ride, just like they used to in the past, as if it was a new beginning for them, and also as if they had also inherited something from the past.

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