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   Chapter 535 The Divorce (Part One)

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Luck plays an important role when it comes to meeting the right people at the right time – not a moment sooner, not a moment later. And if that opportunity is missed by a hair's length, then life would be very different from what it should have been.

Molly stared at Brian with her slightly red eyes, gently flapping her eyelashes, as if she were staring at some kind of freak.

She tried to figure out some answers from his face, but there was no way of figuring out anything from his usual indifferent expression.

"What... What do you mean?"

Brian laughed inside. He silently checked the distance between them. In the blink of an eye, he stretched out his hand, grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him. As Molly exclaimed in surprise, he slightly turned his body towards her and half pressed it to Molly's body. With his eyes deeply glued to her, he replied slowly with a gentle smile, "What do you think it means?"

His words sounded cold and sarcastic to her. She didn't know what to make of it. Being so close to him, she could even smell his cool mint breath, and it made her brain go blank.

She couldn't make eye contact with him. She tried to fix her gaze on anything but him, and said hesitantly, "I don't know!" Her voice sounded peevish, like she was sulking about the whole situation.

Brian sighed quietly and his coarse fingers gently brushed through Molly's slightly messy hair. When he felt her body stiffen to his touch, his eyes grew dark, and his face regained its indifferent expression. He said, "Elias has not left yet. We'll have him examine your eyes now."

Molly looked at him, showing obvious resistance to his proposition.

Brian ignored her resistance and asked indifferently, "Your eyes look red most of the time. Aren't you afraid that you'll cause it some permanent damage?"

Molly bit her lower lip, shif

firmer tone.

Molly looked at Brian, unsure of the arrangement. But she turned around and went upstairs. She slowed down as she reached the bedroom and tried to figure out if there was some underlying message in his words.

As he watched Molly's back disappear into the bedroom, his ink pupils wore a slight smile. When he had told her about the trip, her first reaction was not a refusal to go to QY Island with him, but was just anxiety about who was going to take care of Mark.

His thin lips curled into a visible smile and his whole face lit up in a satisfied expression.

His phone rang in his pocket. Brian took it out and looked at the screen. He saw Tony's name on it and picked it up immediately.

"Mr. Brian Long, Mrs. Long is in A city now," Tony's voice came from the other side.

"At Mark's school? " Brian knew, without having to ask, that Shirley would have come to see Mark, her grandchild, at the school. He furrowed his brow lightly after he heard Tony's explanation about Shirley's presence at the school. Then he said, "She loves playing around. Just let her play. The day after tomorrow, Molly and I will be going to QY Island. If Shirley is here to look after Mark, then I have nothing to worry about."

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