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   Chapter 533 I Only Did It For You (Part Three)

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She held back from stomping her foot, but snarled at him, "Eric, you're really infuriating!" Molly almost hit the roof because of his malicious behavior. "Are you happy when you see me feeling terrible?"

"Why would I feel that?" Eric shot back. He quickly shed the reserved look and focused his eyes intently on Molly. Eric watched her flinch at his serious gaze and then enunciated each of his next words. "Little Molly, I was sincere when I said all those things to you. I'm no longer the same person I was before. What I feel for you isn't just because I like to compete with Brian. If you feel horrible, I will be sorry for you. If you feel sad, it will break my heart. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

His sudden confession took Molly by surprise. She forced a small smile as she stammered with her reply. "You… I… Don't say that to me," she appealed.

"What then should I say?" Eric asked coldly. "Molly, I have more than just a terrible crush on you, and I'm very serious about my feelings for you."

It was all so confusing for Molly. Her heart and mind were a mess. She felt as if her thoughts were a ball of yarn that a playful kitten tangled up. Her eyes went blank, and she now didn't know what to say or how to act. But subconsciously, Molly wanted to resist Eric like she did Brian.

Before she could snap out of her trance, Eric's face loomed in front of Molly's and terrified her. She screamed and tried to back away from him but ended up pressing herself tightly against the back of the sofa. Eric leaned even closer, so she had no way to escape. The only choice she had was to push her hands against his chest.

Disappointment filled Eric's eyes. As he stared at Molly, the look in his eyes changed dramatically. Eventually, he opened his mouth and spoke in a tone full of resentment. "What is so special about you? Why did I fall

ain. But the only reason it muddled her feelings was because Molly never bared her heart to Brian even as she kept resisting him. Otherwise, why else would she be suspicious of his motives no matter what Eric said?

Deciding to focus on business first, Eric said, "Something is wrong with our project." The primary reason why he was at the villa was because of the urgent matter in QY Island. He knew that the only way to provide Molly with strong support was to be powerful enough to compete with Brian. "Word from the Shadow Organization is that someone intends to target our entertainment center," Eric reported.

His cousin slowly leaned back against his chair. It seemed that Brian's suspicions that morning had been confirmed. 'Humph. I knew he'd showed up in our casino intentionally to get our attention."

Eric eyed him carefully, trying to piece together the puzzle. "You mean this matter is related to that man who made a hit in your casino in Las Vegas?" He had heard about that incident and the culprit behind it.

"Probably," Brian replied without reaction. "The Grand Night in QY Island started its soft opening. I'll be going there one of these days," he told Eric.

"Let me go with you," Eric offered eagerly.

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