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   Chapter 531 I Only Did It For You (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5621

Updated: 2019-04-17 00:14

You never appreciate the special ways I love you. In spite of all my efforts, you still regard me as someone who never understands. Please know that while I cannot give everything that you desire, the things I am able to give come from the heart.

Smile Hotel in A City.

This land used to be in ruins. The Dragon Empire Group needed three years to construct a hotel there after it prevailed in competitive bidding. Completed two years ago, Smile Hotel was Frank's anniversary gift to Richie and Shirley when they celebrated thirty years of marriage. Like the hotel in T City, Dragon Empire Group owned the business, but everything it made benefited only Shirley.

At the top floor were garden seats, and one of them was occupied by Becky now as she enjoyed afternoon tea. After spending the entire morning browsing through posts in various Internet forums, she left her room and went upstairs to take her lunch there. Even after eating, Becky sat there, listening to the sound of rain splashing on the umbrella over her head. She was thinking about the situation Molly was about to face.

Although she had only known Molly for a few years, she was aware of the girl's temper. And Becky didn't think Molly could enjoy a peaceful life hounded by negative public comments.

With her eyes half-closed, she sat thinking and was interrupted by the phone ringing. She glanced at the screen and saw it was Brian calling. Not at all surprised, she answered it.

It was a brief call, and she hung up shortly. Becky signaled the waiter to prepare another cup. Not long after, Brian arrived just in time to join her for a pot of black tea.

Pausing at the stairs, Brian waited for th

naware of a press conference that Brian mentioned. "What's that? A press conference?"

The corner of his mouth lifted and Brian gave a mysterious smile. It came out as a charming grin, but Becky felt chilled at the sight of it. His voice extremely cold, he said, "This is my final warning to you, Becky. You are not to do anything to Molly without my permission. I may not love her, but I do not want her to get hurt. Do you understand?" The look he gave her was deep and cruel, as he continued, "I want her to be happy, and I will not allow anyone to hurt her!"

His words were like a slap to her face. Becky held the cup more tightly until her knuckles turned white. She ground her teeth and said with difficulty, "Even if you do everything to make her happy, do you think she will love you back?"

A hint of mockery quickly flashed through Brian's eyes. Plainly, he said, "It doesn't matter whether she loves me or not. The only thing I desire is for her to stay by my side."

"How can you tolerate her like that?" Becky spat. Her eyes had turned red with fury. "What about me? What about your promise to me?"

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