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   Chapter 530 Belief Ideal, Reality Harsh (Part Two)

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At first, Mark didn't get it. But when Shirley made it clear, he nodded fiercely, his eyes lit up.

'The boy is worth teaching and is very promising. He has indeed inherited the excellent genes of the Long Family, ' Shirley thought to herself and smiled.

She watched happily as Mark's little figure trotted into the classroom.

"Shirley, the principal wants to see you in his office,"

the Chinese teacher said. Shirley quickly headed to see the principal.

When Shirley arrived at his office, the Principal briefed about some work to his aide, then asked him to leave and shut the door behind him. As soon as the door was closed, the principal was all smiles right away. He hurriedly stood up and showered her with flattery, "It's such an honor to have you work here."

"It's my honor," Shirley replied. But she was no longer a regular teacher, but a noble, upper-class lady. "I'm just having fun working here. Hopefully I'm not causing any trouble."

"No way. Your presence flatters this school," the principal seemed a bit relieved, and then he asked carefully, "But why did you choose this school?"

Shirley sneered - she had already made it clear that it was just for fun, but it still scared the hell out of the principal. It was understandable, though. After all, every year the Dragon Empire Group funded a lot of researches and granted quite a few scholarships. It was no small number. And this time, Frank had personally called to tell the principal about her arrival. And of course, the principal served her as if she were a god.

"My friend's kid studies here, but I can't reveal my identity."

"Oh, I understand. And that kid is...?" the principal asked tentatively.

Shirley smiled and emphasized, "The identity of the kid is not your concern." She fixed her intimidating and dominant eyes on him.

The principal knew what Shirley had meant. He dared not ask her any more questions and ended their talks with more flattery.

Shirley smiled, then walked towards her office. Her classes were already over, but she didn't plan on leaving yet. She decided to audit the next class and see Mark's performance. She laughed happily even at the idea of watching him learn his lessons. 'Mark is way cuter than Brian. He is as cute as my Wing, ' Shirley thought cheerfully.

"Mr. Brian Long is so manly."

"Fine, okay. You're drooling. But think about Spark. That Brian stole Spark's lover and held a conference to adve

ing to hit him, but he grabbed her wrist. He put her hand down, then sneered roguishly, "Ah, you have developed an instinct to attack because of Brian," he continued, "But that's not a very nice habit. A lady shouldn't be violent."

Molly's anger only fermented at Eric's lecturing. She grew furious and retorted, "That's none of your business."

Eric laughed again, but it was not pleasant. It was a nuisance for her. "Little Molly, a woman's greatest weapon is to show the white feather," he paused and looked at Molly's darkened face. He took a sip of his tea, then said casually, "Did you know that after the conference Brian went straight to Becky?"

Molly's heart sank. Flustered, she stared at Eric, but didn't know how to react.

Eric eyed her with a deep, meaningful smile. "You think Brian convened the press for you?" Molly opened her mouth, but said nothing. Eric sneered and added, "You're as silly and naive as always..."

"Eric!" she gnashed her teeth irritably.

"No need to be so furious," Eric said, putting down his cup, "Brian didn't do it for you or for Becky. He did it for Mark." Molly's expression became complex and it was hard to guess what she was really thinking. Slowly he added, "Children of the Long Family don't grow up being judged or gossiped about. After Brian's announcement, no one would ever bring these gossips up again. Mark would never hear about any of this. He would grow up as a carefree child." Seeing Molly turn green, he leaned forward, gazed deep into her eyes and challenged her, "What? You're disappointed, aren't you? You thought Brian did it for you. He didn't.


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