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   Chapter 529 Belief Ideal, Reality Harsh (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8136

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Molly sat in the villa, and cried her heart out.

Her eyes had become swollen and sour.

She sat on the sofa and tearfully looked outside- it was drizzling and gloomy, just like her mood. She was so sad that even her fluorite had turned dark green.

"According to Mr. Jason of the Grand Night Casino, Mr. Brian Long will hold the press conference at three p.m. at the Sophia Hotel today. This rare decision from Mr. Brian Long is believed to be the result of the postings in Crazy Website this morning. "

The entertainment news channel reporter broadcasted. Molly wasn't paying much attention to the TV at first, but when she heard the words Crazy Website, she immediately turned towards the TV. The headlines read, 'Mr. Brian Long holding press conference at three p.m. at the Sophia Hotel'. The news caught her by surprise; she forgot to even cry for a moment.

Molly frantically checked the time - it was almost three o'clock. Judging by the cameras, the journalists, and the name tags on the scene, she guessed that the channel must be live streaming the conference.

Molly's head went blank. All she could hear was the tick-tock of the clock as it approached three o' clock. The clock soon struck three and after Jason had maintained order in the conference hall, Brian made the entrance. He had one hand in his pocket and sat down at the center of the conference table.

His presence provoked a string of camera shutters to go wild. This was Brian's first public appearance. As he was such a mysterious figure, even a picture of Brian was enough to send their sales through the roof. All of the reporters were clear on that.

Amid all those flashes and clatter, Brian just sat there, calm and collected. After a while, he raised his brows and glanced around with his piercing eyes. Instantly the previously excited journalists froze- Brian's eyes were too cruel and intimidating.

"I arranged this press conference," Brian announced, "to make something very clear. It's about Spark and Molly."

Brian paused and everyone held their breath, while they waited for what was coming next. Even Tony and Jason frowned and stared at Brian with concern.

"Molly is not the third wheel. I am."

His words rocked the waters as the scene turned messy in the conference hall.

Tony clenched his fists in rage. He was known for his poise, but it was different this time. He hurried to Brian and tried to block the camera

s in any media."

He made his warning pretty clear. Again, Brian swept his eyes through the crowd, then stood up and left. His team was assigned to take care of the rest.

Since he had exposed his own identity for Molly's safety, she would not be harmed by anyone again. Ever!

"Where is Becky?" Brian asked after getting into the car.

Tony took the driver's seat. He threw a glance at the gloomy Brian, then answered as professionally as he could, "She is staying in Smile."

Brian picked up his phone and dialed Becky's number. When the call was put through, he ordered, "Wait at the hotel. I'll meet you there."

He hung up abruptly, his tone icy and bossy. "Drive."

"Yes, sir." Tony obeyed as he took another look at Brian through the rear-view mirror. He started the car and drove to Smile.


At the school.

After her English class was over, Shirley specifically called Mark to the teacher's office. Mark was smart, but not very vocal since he started late. He had grown up abroad, so his listening comprehension was not a problem, but his oral English could be better.

"Don't worry, Mark. You still have time to improve," Shirley beamed and comforted him. When she saw that he was nervous, she really wanted to hug and kiss him. "You may be lagging behind now, but I believe you'll catch up pretty soon."

Mark nodded tacitly, thought for a while, then replied, "I'll work harder and catch up."

Mark's resolute look only boosted her desire to hug him. But for fear of scaring him, Shirley just ruffled his hair and told him that he should finish more tasks together with his parents.

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