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   Chapter 528 Gossip (Part Three)

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Shawn agreed reluctantly.

Brian gave Shawn a few last minute reminders before hanging up. That was only when Brian picked up his phone to call Molly back.

When Molly picked up the call, she didn't say a word. Brian asked in a low voice, "What's up?"

"Brian, go online. See it for yourself," Molly burst into tears before she could finish. She didn't really care about anything else - she was just feeling too harassed and dejected. While she partially didn't mind being called so many names by other people - she was already used to self-hatred - what bothered her were all the made-up rumors that people were believing to be true. They were saying she had an affair with Spark and that she had left him for Brian. She didn't sound like a very good person in that version of the story.

Brian frowned when he heard Molly's voice shaking and crying over the phone. He'd never heard Molly like this before even if she was always down. Brian went on his computer to look for what Molly was talking about. He skimmed through the post briefly after which he said coldly, "You are not the other woman."

He hung up the phone right away without another word.

Tony could see that Brian was furious. He had a dark and ominous look on his face. Tony tried to sneak a glance at his computer screen but it was too far away for him to see clearly. But one thing Tony was sure about was that this was definitely about Molly.

Still looking as menacing as before, Brian read through the comments - the same ones that Molly had just read. Even as Brian was reading, the comments and views were just getting higher and higher. Brian's face darkened and proceeded to type a few commands and codes. Once he pressed enter, the website had frozen and so had all the other websites that republished the story.

While his face looked calm, his eyes looked livid. Without turning to Tony, Brian said, "Choose a place and tell all of the presses in A Ci

"Now we're standing at the spot where Mr. Brian Long has chosen to hold his press conference. Mr. Brian Long is the owner of the Grand Night Casino. This is going to be the first press conference that Brian will hold since he's settled into A City. No word has been released on what exactly the press conference is about. Some speculations say this is about the recent news that broke out about Spark and his other woman, Xia. 'Extremely Crazy' posted the news this morning and is now currently frozen due to a hostile hacking attack. Now, the press conference will start in ten minutes. Mr. Brian announced this conference just a few…"

As the reporter spoke matter-of-factly, Spark's face turned even paler than it already was. Manny was too shocked that he forgot to respond.

"What happened?" Spark asked, wheezing, "What post? It involves me and Molly? What's happening?"

When Manny was finally able to gather himself, he looked downright upset. He tried to avoid details as much as possible as he told Spark about the news. Spark's eyes turned bloody red when the TV screen showed Brian arriving at the press conference.

"Molly Xia is not a third Party. It's I who stepped in other people's relationship." Hearing Brian's striking words, all the media present exploded.


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