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   Chapter 527 Gossip (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6774

Updated: 2019-04-16 03:22

Without enough time to think carefully, Molly clicked the post. Holding her breath, she looked through it quickly. Before reading the comments, she already got so angry that her whole body was trembling.

The post read that a woman whose last name is Xia only graduated until high school. They said that Xia had a father who was addicted to gambling so she had to take many jobs to support her family, including in some special industries. After taking a job at this one company, she became involved with the wealthy man who owned the company she worked for. The wealthy man was apparently in another relationship which made Xia the other woman. Eventually, the wealthy man broke things off with Xia leading her to flee to another country where she would meet Spark. They started a relationship that would last a few years. Xia would cheat on Spark which would lead to Spark's one-year hiatus. Xia got back together with another wealthy and powerful man and broke up with Spark. Spark was heartbroken and attempted to hang himself. He was currently at the hospital recovering.

Several photos were attached in the post; including a photo of Spark playing the violin in his bedroom wetly and a photo of Spark plugged into machine at the hospital. Both photos didn't look so clear, though.

But people loved gossip. It was natural for people to just connect the dots on their own, even if they didn't align with the truth. Once a piece of gossip was spread, someone would always have something say about that then someone responded to that opinion and the chain continued. It never really ended because people liked to talk about other people. In addition to that, "Extremely Crazy" was a forum for complaints where a lot of people often pulled out all the stops just to get a story. That was the reason why the post had so many click rates not to mention that it had been republished by other top gossip websites in no more than a few hours.

Everybody loved to know celebrities and billionaires scandals. So it was no surpri

knew him quite well. It bode the same for Brian's other subordinates. Brian knew them well enough that he could tell what they were thinking and most of the time, he was right.

"Shawn, just stay there and find out everything you can about that man."

Shawn frowned at this, "Can't you send another person to do that because I want to go back to A City too."

"No," Brian said forcefully.

"You're doing this on purpose," Shawn accused Brian. He didn't want to stay there digging up dirt about some man. He wanted to go back to A City ever since he'd heard the news about Mark. He recalled that one time when he had taken Brian to hide away from Richie. The more he thought about that, the more he wanted to see Mark.

Brian's eyes dimmed, he smiled bitterly as he admitted, "I am doing this on purpose."

Shawn didn't mind Brian's honesty. He knew Brian very well so he knew that Brian must've been trying to hide because he was still trying to adjust now that Mark and Molly was around.

"Besides, I'm not at ease about that man. I don't trust anyone enough to do this. I fear that they won't find anything on him," Brian said gravely. He obviously had already heard of this man before probably from XK Intelligence Agency. He had outsmarted Brian's men and the Agency was one of the best in the world - how could he have done that?

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