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   Chapter 526 Gossip (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6883

Updated: 2019-04-16 03:22

You're in heaven, while I go to hell instead of you. I never wanted to hurt you.


Hearing the beep on the phone, which indicated that Brian had hung up, Molly almost went mad, but she could do nothing, because Brian knew her weak spot and he took advantage of that. Whatever she was suffering, she just deserved it.

With these thoughts in her mind, she threw the cellphone onto the bed. Looking at the necklace by her side, she clenched her jaw in hatred. In consideration of what Brian had said just now, she could do nothing but pick up the necklace and wear it around her neck, spinelessly.

The stone was translucent red, but when it was worn on her neck, it gradually changed into dim blue. Slightly frowned, Molly looked at the stone in confusion, wondering why it could change color. As she was thinking, gradually she forgot her anger, while the stone turned back to its previous color of red.

Seeing that, Molly frowned again, but she decided not to think about why the stone could change color for the time being. Taking a look at the fine rain outside, what had happened in the heavy rain yesterday came to her mind. She compressed her lips and took back her cellphone from the bed.

She wondered how Spark was doing now.

With the cellphone in her hand for quite a while, Molly was still not able to make the call. She just looked for Spark's name from the contact list of her cellphone and came back to the desktop, which she did for several times. Finally, she gritted her teeth and dialed the number of the phone in the apartment.

The phone kept ringing, but no one was answering.

"Nobody's there?" Molly mumbled. Frowning, she then dialed the number of Daniel, but she was reminded by the prompt tone that his cellphone was powered off. She frowned deeper. She thought for a while and then dialed Spark's cellphone, holding her breath. However, his cellphone was powered off too. "How could both cellphones be off?"

While mumbling to herself, Molly forgot about her uneasiness and embarrassment. At the moment, what she

nother man? Which website is that... Beep..."

The phone was hung up suddenly leaving Molly astonished. At first she felt stunned, then she realized that the conversation she heard on the phone indicated that she eloped with another man? Gosh!

Frowning, Molly remembered that she heard someone mention a website.

Without thinking, Molly put her cellphone down and ran to the study. As soon as she opened the door of the study, what had happened last night came to her mind automatically. She looked around in embarrassment, only to find out that the mess had already been cleaned up and that everything was back in its previous position, as if nothing had happened.

Molly swallowed her saliva to put a restraint on her resistance to the place. Then she walked to the desk in a hurry. She turned on the computer and opened the browser. Her fingers paused on the keyboard, as she hadn't heard clearly which website that was. She thought for a while and then typed "Spark" in the search engine and clicked Enter.

There were many pieces of news about Spark, but at one glance, Molly saw the harsh title "A Woman Named 'A Third Party' by the Side of Spark."

She clicked it on the link which led her to a forum. The post was labeled "Hot." As indicated, the click rate had already exceeded five million, while the number of comment was the hundreds of thousands.

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