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   Chapter 525 A Gift From Brian (Part Four)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6396

Updated: 2019-04-16 00:12

Brian left soon after he brought Mark to his class. He said to Tony as soon as he slipped into the car, "Go to the Empire, Tony."

"Yes, sir."

The car disappeared in the rain. The entrance of the school was filled with people who took children to school. The rain hurried them to go and leave, with water and mud splashing in every direction. Behind the huge pillar of the entrance was a man standing, who was in his sixties. With an umbrella in his hand, he stood upright. He stared at the entrance of the school, but cocked his head from side to side when people blocked him from a good view. This didn't last long before he complained, "Madam, you cannot see Young Master Mark now. He leaves after the class is over."

"I know, I know, of course. I just want to make sure whether he's still in the playground."

Her words surprised the man behind her. "Has Brian's car left?"

Shirley asked and turned to look at Antonio all of a sudden. There had been no change in the manner he spoke over the past years. He was always strict and boring. Shirley curled her lips, and stretched her stiffened back. Then she grumbled, "Brian must have lied to us. I don't think it was Mark's idea that he refused to see Richie and me. It was Brian. He didn't want us to see Mark. His brain is always full of vicious ideas. He is an imp."

"Young Master had the same opinion." Antonio paused before continuing, "By the way, madam, Young Master seems unhappy about your secret visits here."

"Actually," Shirley flashed a smile that was inappropriate with her age, "He is jealous of my visiting here to see the imp's little imp. He just cannot put aside his pride and go with me here."

Antonio held back from bursting into laughter at her funny idea. Then he said after steadying his tone, "Then do we need to... wait here, madam?" asked Antonio calmly as always.

"Wait here? What for?" shouted Shirley with a gri

e? I'm sorry. I had thrown that disgusting stone away, since I had no idea where it came from. I can't control my temper because I can't find my Sunny Day!"


"..." Silence was Molly's reply. She cast a look at the stone necklace on the table. A vicious smile emerged on the corner of her lips.

Brian sank into silence. After a long while, he said in subdued fury, "If I don't see the necklace on your neck when I come back, I'll send Mark out of the country. Do you understand, Molly?"

Brian hung up the phone before Molly could make a response.

Tony cast a secret glance at Brian in the rear-view mirror. He let out a sigh in his heart, wondering, 'What necklace were they quarreling about now over the phone?' Was it the necklace that the madam had given to Brian?'

The madam had told Brian to give this necklace to the woman who Brian would marry in the future. The Firefly Stone, woven by nine threads with a priceless stone that would change into different colors under different circumstances, could be deemed as the symbol of faithful love between the madam and Mr. Long.

Brian had given that precious necklace to Molly. Then did he decide to pick Molly as the only one who would accompany him in his life? Did he just decide to marry her?

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