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   Chapter 524 A Gift From Brian (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6467

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Brian cast him a glance, saying nothing to him. He just walked straight to the car, opened the door car, and put Mark on the seat.

Tony followed them all the way, wondering about his boss's strange behavior. Then he turned to the driver's seat. It was his first time to see Brian like that. The topic between him and Mark was probably tiring. But he conversed with the boy in a serious manner. As a clever man, Brian of course knew what the little boy was going to plan in his innocent brain. But he pretended otherwise and let the boring conversation continue. That was really strange.

The car drove off the villa. John and Lisa watched the car leave with all smiles. But Lucy seemed unhappy. She turned to cast the villa a disdainful look before saying in a sour tone, "I'll go to the gallery."

Lucy slipped into her car and drove off. She had achieved something in her painting in recent years. She harvested a reputation on her own, without any assistance from Brian. She would have gained more if Brian had given her any support. But as far as she was concerned, it was better for her to prove herself in front of Brian.

The rain showed no sign of stopping.

Molly moaned. Her body ached as though it had been torn apart. The pain ran across every inch of her skin whenever she moved even just a single part of her muscle. She frowned before opening up her eyes, which stung from lack of sleep. Her mind was blank now, unable to remember what had happened. She looked around dreamily, trying to recognize where she was. The thick curtain had prevented the dusky light from shedding in. As a result, it was hard to know what time it was.

Molly steadied herself to tidy up her mind. She recalled what had happened in the study last night as her memory finally came back to her. The scene was so vivid it mustn't be a dream. She blushed to her ears. Then she sat up, with the quilt still covering her body to her chin. Sh

to get a look of my classroom yesterday too."

"Do you already know your new name?" Brian said in a low voice. A darkened glint flashed in his eyes.

Mark looked downward in silence. After a long while, he nodded while playing with his fingers, "Yes, Addison Long. They told me that." His voice was low that it was almost inaudible.

Brian's eyes sparkled with a ray of delightful shimmer in them. His lips curved into a mild smile. He stepped out of the car and opened the umbrella for Mark. Instead of carrying Mark in his arms, he just held his hand this time. But he still inclined the umbrella toward the side of the boy.

Tony held an umbrella as waited by the car. He watched Brian and Mark head towards the entrance of the school in the rain. The backs of the man and the boy reminded him of a familiar picture that he would never forget. His memories about his old days as a fresh member in the XK Intelligence Agency came back to him. The sternness on Tony's face was finally replaced with a smile. He never gave a thought to how Brian would look like when he was a father. That was beyond his imagination, to be frank. Tony always remembered how naughty and arrogant Brian was in their childhood. This younger brother seemed to be childish forever. But he had a son now!

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