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   Chapter 523 A Gift From Brian (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5861

Updated: 2019-04-15 00:34

Brian ran his fingers along the necklace as he squinted his eyes. He gradually grasped the necklace, and pulled it off Molly's neck all of a sudden. Molly moaned for the pain as a result. Brian bent towards Molly, his face just inches away from hers. Slowly, he put his lips on hers, and sucked the sweetness on her lips. Then he murmured, "Even if he is the man you love, you have to be with me. It was a mistake that we met. But that is a mistake I don't want to correct. If it is also mistaken to be in love with you, I don't mind being wrong. Do you hear me, Mol?"

Those gloomy ironic words were uttered in a coarse low voice. It sounded so tempting and comforting at night that it brought peace to Molly's nervous nerves. She finally fell into deep sleep.

"Good night, Mol. Sleep tight." Brian touched Molly's hair in a gentle manner, as he stared at her with infinite affection. But there was still a hidden trace of distance in his eyes.

Time never stops no matter how badly you wish it to. Tomorrow will come to welcome you even if it might be the last thing you want. Go Crazy, a tidbits website, greeted the twilight of the next day with a piece of blockbuster news about Spark. As one of the most famous violinists worldwide, the news had attracted attention of many people, boosting the visits to the website dramatically. Soon various newspapers and websites reprinted the news in a frenzy. And fervent discussion followed. Before the sun shone over the city the next day, the news had been spread to every corner of the city.

Mark was sitting at the table, waiting for Brian and his mother. He kept watching around as he was starting to lose his patience. Mark started to hear footsteps first, then he saw Brian walking downstairs.


Tony grinned and said, "Young master, please go with me."

Mark's face turned sullen. He didn't like the way Tony addressed him. But his protest meant nothing in the eyes of the adults. He had to complain about all this in just his mind.

It was raining outside. Brian took an umbrella and carried Mark in his arms. He held Mark tight in his arms, inclining the umbrella toward the side of the boy. No one would doubt that they were father and son.

Mark put his arms around Brian's neck. He felt extremely happy at this moment. Children are naive. They accept whatever adults give them, the good or the bad. They know who love them, even if the love is concealed behind a cold musk. In spite of Brian's aloof attitude, Mark knew full well that Papa Brian loved him as much as daddy did.

"Papa Brian..."


"Will you come to pick me up tonight?"


"And eat dinner with me?"


"Will you..."



"allow daddy to pick me up with you and eat with us?"


Mark pouted his mouth and said sullenly, "It's impossible to play a trick on you, Papa Brian! Hmm!" He turned his face aside to show he was angry.

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