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   Chapter 522 A Gift From Brian (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5896

Updated: 2019-04-15 00:34

Frustration is inevitable for anybody on the way ahead. Depression is a natural course before one grows up. Loneliness will always be a close friend in our heart. Sometimes, we will be misunderstood; sometimes, we have to rely on others for protection; and sometimes, we are the targets for others to slander and set up.

The night sank into a dead quiet. The hospital turned oppressively in the dead of night. The typical pungent smell of the disinfectant in the hospital became more irritating in the mute world. It was detesting, but everyone in the hospital had to tolerate it.

Manny looked down at Spark in a stern manner. He was still in coma. His lips had turned colorless with a circle of cracks on the rim. Manny sighed, and leaned his body on the wall behind him, his gaze on the infusion bottle and its tube in which medicine was being dripping into Spark's body.

"Spark, this can't happen again!" said Manny in helplessness. He fixed his gaze on Spark's pale face, "I don't want to see you suffer for love again, Spark. Isn't the lesson from your mother enough?"

Manny's question received no answer. The muteness in the room was so weird that it would make anybody out of breath. Contrary to the sheer despair and dreariness in the ward, the villa must have been filled with moans of lovemaking. In the selfish game of love, it would be too early to say who was the one to rejoice and who was the one to suffer. Maybe, nobody had ever enjoyed a single moment of genuine happiness. All was but an illusion.

Manny cocked his head to look out of the window. By the dim light from the room, he could see the drizzle outside. He let out another sigh in helplessness.

Someone stalked towards the ward when Manny was deep in his thought. A camera

ectionate gaze to comfort her.

No one could seduce him as Molly could. She was his opium. There was no salvation for him, but to sink deeper and deeper. He settled his eyes on her flat compact belly. She recovered perfectly after the childbirth. There was not a sign of pregnancy on it. She was too young when she gave birth to Mark. Young bodies healed themselves easily.

Brian's thin lips curved into a gentle smile. He expelled those ideas from his mind and focused on cleaning Molly's body. He covered the quilt on her body after having finished. Then he kissed Molly on her forehead.

'You belong to me, Mol! Absolutely! Don't leave me. Don't leave me again. Do you know how much I love you?' Brian said to Molly in his heart.

Suddenly, the softness in his eyes gave way to a flash of fierce glint. But it was gone as soon as it came. His face looked as still as always. He stared at Molly again by the warmly lit yellow light of the wall lamp. She looked awful recently. He was fully aware how hard she had been for the past several days.

Then he moved his gaze on Sunny Day, the necklace on her neck. The one that Eric had given to her had been replaced.

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