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   Chapter 520 I won’t forgive you

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 9915

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Some things are meant to be like reunion and parting. Everything works out the way it supposed to. The fate of people has been decided whether they will be happy or unhappy. My fate is entirely determined by the god of fate. God determines my fate whether I should start with someone new, or spend the remainder of my days alone.


The window was open causing rain drops to trickle inside the room. Normally, Molly would close the window if it was raining this hard but now she just didn't do it anymore.

Spark drew inspiration for his compositions from this easygoing life that he led. He used to live with Manny who didn't have a care in the world either. They both led their messy life together. But ever since Molly started to live with them, their life had changed. They lived like a family - the kind that Spark had always longed for. However, their four years of blissfully living a quiet life together was gone in a blip.

Wind was still blowing into the room and the purple curtains in floral pattern were dancing around. Spark bitterly stared at the purple curtains. When he recalled that Molly was the one who liked those curtains a lot, it was just painful for him to even look at them. Spark made a face as he walked towards his violin case. He stooped down and wiped a few raindrops that had dripped on his case. The lock of the case sprang open with a loud snap when he touched it. He furrowed his brows and his hands started to tremble - probably from playing too much.

Spark slowly opened the violin case and staggered at what he saw: it was the famous Stradivarius violin. But he didn't feel happy or excited about this - this violin was there to mock him about his loss.

The other day, when he found out that Brian was Mark's father, he had focused on getting custody of Mark. So he spent his day at the courthouse to run a few errands. When he got home, he saw the violin from Russell that he wasn't able to bid for at the charity auction

'Where did this come from?' Spark thought to himself. He frowned as he looked at the violin, wondering what it was doing in his case. But soon after, he started to entertain one possibility: that it must have been Brian's doing.

He found a note inside the case that read, "Thank you for taking care of my son all these years. I'm gifting you this violin to show my gratitude."

There was no signature or name written on the note but Spark knew that it was from Brian.

Brian bought the violin at the charity auction, breaking the world record for the price a violin had been bought at an auction. Spark had wanted that violin for so long but since he had chosen to buy the necklace for Molly - he couldn't bid anymore because he couldn't afford it anyway. It turned out that Brian only bought the violin so he could give it to Spark as a gift. To Spark, this was more than a provocation from Brian, and it was also a way of showing off his power and telling Spark that he's got this all

ore he went to bed. He just had a glass a milk and closed his eyes.

Soon he fell into a sound sleep with a smile on his face. Today, as his dad had promised, he went to see his mom. After this first 'deal' with Brian, Mark started to make more 'deals' with him. And Brian found these 'deals' both funny and annoying.

Seeing that Mark had fallen asleep, Molly turned the bed light down and tiptoed out of the room. Before she closed the door, Molly stopped and looked around the room in which she had lived for a month. All these memories came rushing back to her all at once.

"Is Mark asleep?"

said a cold voice behind her. Molly was surprised and turned around. She saw Brian in front of her. His face was aloof and his dark eyes were deep.

"Yes, he is," Molly said. Holding a glass of milk, Brian went towards the study. When he was about to open the door, Molly said hurriedly, "Hold on."

When he heard Molly and saw that she was looking at him, Brian adjusted his pace so that he wasn't walking too fast and waited for Molly to speak. Looking at Molly sideways, Brian said flatly, "What's the matter?"

"I..." Molly gazed around the house and asked, "Where do I sleep at night?"

"Up to you. You can sleep at any room you like," He responded with a sneer. Brian didn't expect she would ask him this. He opened the door and walk into the study.

Molly had noticed that every room in the house was clean and tidy, but they were all empty except Mark's and Brian's room, which meant she could only sleep in either of theirs.

Mark was a light sleeper. He could have been clingy when he slept at night because he couldn't talk and always felt insecure all the time but unlike Molly, he liked sleeping alone at night. Maybe he got it from Brian.

Molly hesitated and stopped in front of the study door. She turned to see Brian's room, then she gritted her teeth and walked into the study. Looking at Brian, she asked, "Where do I sleep at night


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