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   Chapter 519 Either Love Me Or Forget Me (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8429

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Becky gnashed her teeth and asked indignantly, "Is that all you needed to say to me?"

"Yes," Brian was straightforward with his answer, but then his tone softened, "Don't harm her."

"Fine," Becky answered furiously. Her meek look was replaced by ruthlessness. Her eyes turned red with tears brimming in them, but she didn't let them fall. That inferior and weak attitude was not what she wanted to exhibit at that moment. Teeth grinding, Becky accentuated, "Brian, I hate you."

Then Becky grabbed her bag and stormed out, and Brian replied calmly, "If you say so..."

Becky halted for a second, then ran out of the door. It was drizzling outside. Becky looked up at the sky and sneered; her eyes were wicked and hateful. When John offered to drive her home, Becky rejected. Yet, at the gate, she came across a car, which instead of entering the villa, waited to drop her off.

Inside the villa, Eric casually poured two glasses of wine - one for himself and one for Brian. But Brian was in no mood to entertain him, he asked coldly, "Shouldn't you be leaving now?"

"You drove away Becky. And now me too?"

Brian took a sip of the wine, then said slowly, "Mol doesn't want to see you."

"Is it Little Molly who doesn't want to see me," Eric laughed evilly, "Or is it you?"

Brian raised his brows arrogantly, and his voice remained cold, "Me? Eric, I certainly didn't want to see you. But that's not because I'm afraid of you winning over Mol. In fact, you should know it yourself that you are the last person Mol wants to see at this point."

Eric's smile disappeared and his eyes darkened, "You don't mince your words." He emptied the wine in a gulp, put aside the glass and quietly left. When he reached the door and took out his car keys, his eyes wandered to the room upstairs where Molly was. He looked directly into Brian's cold eyes and said with a new resolve, "Brian, I might be lagging behind now, but I'll catch up soon. And if you win this time, I'll never compete with you again."

Saying that, he turned and walked out. As he turned around to leave the villa, he knew that Brian must have understood his words... He couldn't give up on Molly because he was just too much in love with her to let her go yet.

Molly hesitated for a long time, wondering whether to step out and face them. But, by the time she made up her mind and came out, the villa was already empty. No one was there, except Brian.

"You took your sweet time coming out of there." Brian's voice was scornful, but al

ginally hopeful melody had turned into something sad and hopeless. Manny looked at Spark who was already soaking wet. He finally lost it and howled, "Spark, if you keep playing like this, your hand might get hurt or even disabled."

But Spark was too busy recollecting those good old memories. He didn't care about anything anymore. He didn't care about his hands, or about the damage he was causing it. He didn't care that he might end up never being able to play the violin again. It didn't matter anymore... He felt like he was falling into an empty well, a deep well with just memories about her.

Spark closed his eyes poignantly. He could no longer restrain himself; tears welled up from his eyes, warming his face, but his heart remained cold.

"Enough is enough!" Manny snatched the bow from his hand, glared at Spark, and shouted, "Do you really want to ruin yourself for her sake?"

Spark smiled bitterly, then opened his eyes- they were red and brimming with tears. He stared at Manny desperately and then the violin in his hand fell to the ground with a clash - a string broke.

Just like their love. Broken. 'Huh!' Spark scoffed at himself.

He stiffly turned around and walked to the room. Manny's yelling echoed behind him. But Spark didn't listen to what he was saying. He locked himself up in the room. He plodded and glanced around. The room was adorned by Mol. Everything here was bought by her.

Spark knitted his brows in frustration and felt heartbroken. The scene of happiness had now become a source of sarcasm and sorrow.

As he set his sight on the window where the case sat, his heart wrenched even more.

He was overwhelmed by ridicule.

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