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   Chapter 518 Either Love Me Or Forget Me (Part One)

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The moment Molly saw Becky and Eric, her face turned ashen and gloomy. She had been drenching in the rain for hours and already felt like a drowned rat

and their appearance only made things worse for her.

Now she was wretched outside, and inside.

She clenched her fists, summoning up her courage. When she had made the deal with Brian, she knew that some day she'd have to face Becky and Eric. But what else could she have done? She was desperate to meet Mark. But this meeting had come too soon. She was not prepared for any of this.

Molly tried to avert her eyes away from them, yet no place seemed secure. Eric's disappointment and Becky's sneer followed her everywhere. Wherever she turned her sight to, she could see and feel the pressure they were exerting.

Their sudden presence also baffled Brian and he frowned. But he quickly regained his usual poise and asked coldly, "What are you doing here?"

His voice sounded normal and neutral, but Becky and Eric captured a hint of rejection in his question.

Becky gritted her teeth in anger and jealousy when she saw both Brian and Molly soaking wet in the rain together. Yet she still managed to keep her smile, no matter how heartbroken she was.

Eric also hid his emotions quite well and soon put on his playful look. With a roguish smile and a sluggish voice, he answered, "We came over to see Mark. My bodyguard dropped me over, and left for some other business."

That explained their sudden presence and it resolved Brian's confusion.

Brian then turned to Molly and said, "Why don't you go and get changed?" He paused, and added, "I have asked Tony to bring Mark to visit his new school."

Molly knew that Brian had done that for her sake, and threw him a grateful look.

As he looked at Molly, Brian felt bitter deep down. He wanted to ask her, 'Molly, is us being a couple just so unacceptable for you?'

But he buried the question in his heart. Despite the concessions he had made, he was still too proud to pop such a menial question in front of others.

Under their intense gaze, Brian and Molly went upstairs, then he said, intentionally or otherwise, "Mark sleeps in the room which you had used before, and your clothes have been moved to another room. You can shower in my room for now. I'll get you some clothes."

Molly instantly straightened up and glared at Brian. She pressed her lips to refrain from swearing at him out loud. Just a moment ago, she had appreciated him for dissolving her embarrassment, but now he just casually created another one.

Of all the rooms available in the villa, he chose his. She could have bathed and dressed in some other room.

Molly tried to curl her lips into a smile, but failed. T

c started talking again, "To tell the truth, I really hope that Brian still loves you. In that case, Little Molly would be mine. Mark is not a problem. I'll treat him as my own son. We're all of the Long Family. It doesn't matter that he's not my biological son. We're related by blood anyway."

"What a sweet dream,"

Brian's cold voice came from behind. Eric didn't seem too surprised. But Becky was startled and turned around. Brian was standing on the staircase, dressed up, his hair still wet from the shower.

Eric turned around slowly to look at him, his arms nestled on the sofa, and grinning as if nothing had happened. He smirked at his brother and said tauntingly, "It is indeed a sweet dream. Would you be having nightmares about it now? "

Brian glowered at Eric icily, then walked down the stairs, "You should leave now."

"We're here to see Mark," Eric protested.

"Mol is here and Mark is not in the mood to see you." Brian's voice was cold and impatient.


"Becky," Brian interrupted just as she started to say something, "I had made myself pretty clear to you in Vienna. I don't want things between us to get ugly. That won't end well for you. If you're ever in trouble, I'll help you. But don't mess with Mol. I will not let anyone mess with her life now. Understand?"

His warning was clear, his eyes sharp and harsh. He had never brought up this issue before, but that didn't mean he was okay with it. He had let her go easy only because of his guilt. After all, he was the one who had changed his heart and fallen in love with another woman. But now that he had paid his debt towards her, he was willing to let bygones be bygones and let it all be water under the bridge. However, he made his point very clear to Becky. He never was happy with what she had done.

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