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   Chapter 517 The Death Agreement (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6506

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Molly was silent for a while, hesitating then she said, "I'll come back to you. I don't care about my status or identity. But I'll be faithful to you. Can I expect the same from you?"

'This is ridiculous, she had no bargaining chips, ' Brian thought to himself. He was laughing at her on the inside but he didn't have a reason to say no to her so he said, "Okay. "

Molly was surprised at his simple response. She didn't expect that he would agree with her what more so easily so she said, "Then, what if you break your promise one day?"

Brian smiled easily, "Then, I"ll let you go."

He knew what she was trying to get at and it didn't matter if he got there or not. After all, even if she didn't love him back, he would never love anyone else and those were the facts.

Molly climbed into Brian's car - starting her new life. She was starting to accept this but that didn't mean that she wanted this. She had only grown tired, so tired that she just told herself, "Let it be." No matter what happened, she had to go on and continue living. She didn't have to make it difficult for herself and for everyone around her.

"I want to meet my father," Molly said.

"Okay," Brian slightly glanced at her, "I'll arrange that for you."

"Can Daniel still be rehabilitated?"

"It's going to be a challenge," Brian said. he paused then added, "It mostly depends on himself."

No one spoke for a while.

"Have you told Mark about you and me?"

"I only want what's best for Mark. I only want him to know when our relationship is real and legitimate."

"..." Molly looked at Brian blankly as the rainwater that had drenched her hair started to stream down her face.

"No matter what kind of relationship we actually have, to the world, it won't always register the same. I don't want Mark to be subjected to public scrutiny." Brian said simply. "I'll marry you after you divorce Spark."

Molly opened her mouth then closed it, n

far later in life.

Back in the present, the two were back at the villa. Even if Brian's face unreadable, he was jumping for joy on the inside. Even John, who was by the gate, could feel that something was different with Brian. He was chiller now and not angry like he had been before. When he saw Molly getting out of the car, he suddenly understood why.

Brian walked straight to the villa without waiting for Molly. He knew that she already knew her way around her. She would find that nothing has changed since she left.

Molly's mind was wandering off as she followed Brian. There was a part of her that wanted to laugh at what her life had come to but there was also a part of her that just wanted to accept it altogether. In fact, ever since she heard Mark's voice that night, she knew she had no choice. Even if Spark, Daniel, or Eric wasn't included in the equation, all she needed to hear was Mark's voice to make her realize that she had no other choice and that there was no use fighting it.

Molly quickened her pace like a mouse, scuttling inside the villa. Since she and Brian had made a deal (their death agreement), she couldn't wait to hear Mark's voice call her mommy again. But Molly would have to wait because as soon as she entered the villa, she saw someone else. .

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