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   Chapter 516 The Death Agreement (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6579

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"Yes, perhaps, I will never understand," Brian sneered. "But Molly's life hadn't been simple at all. Why on earth would she want a simple life? This isn't about you, Spark. What about Mark? What about Daniel? Could she leave them both behind? Spark, this is the real world and there are so many things about it that you don't understand. Molly was depressed. She was diagnosed with it. Do you really think that you could make her happy by just playing the violin for her? No, it wasn't because of you. It was all because of Mark. Mark is the most important thing for her right now. She would never leave him behind. And because I know how important Mark is, I know for a fact that Molly will soon come running back to me. I don't even have to lift a finger," said Brian.

His voice was getting muffled in the rain but to Molly and Spark, it was crystal clear. Before either of them could respond, Brian added, "Daniel has a drug addiction to a very expensive drug called cold heart. Not to mention how strong it is. That makes it very difficult to rehabilitate him. One injection costs ten million. If Molly stays with you, how can you support Daniel? You can't afford it. Even if you succumb to his addiction, you can't afford to fund his drug habit."

Molly and Spark felt like their insides were exploding as each of Brian's words dropped in the air.

"Brian, Daniel only became addicted because of you! Tell me that's not true!" Molly screamed. She was trembling and wrestling herself free from Brian and Spark's tight grip on her arms. She didn't hold back, "Why? Why did you have to give him drugs? Why? Since you want me to be with you, why don't you just drug me too! That way I'll really never be able to leave you! Right?"

A pain shoot through Brian's heart. He loosened her grip on her, "Molly, I won't even dignify that with a response. If that's how you look at it then fine. But don't you dare come to me complaining one day because as far as I'm co

h. I was fooling myself thinking I could go on without Mark but the truth is, I don't know how to live my life if I don't have Mark with me."

"So you're going to sacrifice your whole life?" Spark asked, bewildered.

"Yes," It was still raining cats and dogs and the impact was starting to hurt a bit on her skin. But it's not like she could do anything about it. She continued, "I'd do anything for Mark even if that means staying with Brian."

Molly was only partly lying. She knew if she said that no one would try to go against it because she knew that those were the words that Spark needed to hear to give her up even if that would be the most difficult thing that Spark ever had to do.

Spark took a couple of steps backwards to steady himself. He was just staring at Molly. Out of nowhere, he gave a cold laugh then without saying another word, he turned around, picked up the umbrella on the ground, and opened it. Water had filled the umbrella which sent water spraying all over his body but it seemed like he didn't notice. Soon after, he disappeared into the pouring rain on the streets.

"Are you happy now?" Molly laughed coldly, the same one that Spark had just let out. Not knowing what Brian was thinking, she said, "Brian, can we have a deal?"

"What is it?" Brian answered simply.

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