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   Chapter 515 The Death Agreement (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6024

Updated: 2019-04-14 00:12

I'm not scared of going to hell. What I'm scared of is you not being there with me." -- Brian Long


Brian was driving the car on the slippery road - it had been raining and he hadn't been in a good mood either. One reason why he had agreed to meet Hannah was for Mr. Song - Mr. Song had rescued Wing once and he wanted to show his gratitude. The other reason was he wanted to distract himself from Molly but he realized that she never left his mind even after he saw Hannah.

Sneering, his eyes fell on what he could see as two figures ahead from his car. One of them looked like Molly. He grimaced at the possibility that this might just be an illusion. But when his car neared the figures, he saw Spark to be one of the two figures. He watched as Spark put his lips on Molly's.


The brake screeched to a halt - its noise was worse in the rain. Brian wasn't thinking as he stopped the car and got out. Before Spark and Molly even saw Brian, Brian had already pushed Spark aside and pulled Molly up glaring at Spark.

Both Molly and Spark were frozen - they weren't processing what was happening. When they finally did, they were astonished to find that Brian was the person responsible.

They stayed silent for a considerable moment that only the sound of the rainfall could be heart. Soon, they were all drenched in the rain. Brian was looking peeved. But unlike Spark, who was already looking embarrassed, he maintained his arrogant demeanor.

"Get your hands off her!" Spark growled.

Brian sneered and said, "Why?"

"That's my wife!"

"Hmm!" Brian grunted, "She won't be your wife any longer. I won't allow it."

"You..." Spark gritted his teeth and wrenched his hands into tight fists.

Molly was just starting to process everything that was happening. She wre

anything about him.

No... She couldn't let him ruin Spark's life.

Molly's head was spinning. Someone was suddenly pulling her right arm that tugged her body sidewards then someone else was pulling her left arm that tugged her body to the other side. Both her arms were now being held up by two different people, she couldn't move at all.

Spark stared angrily at Brian without a trace of fear. He didn't look anywhere near as scary as Brian but he huffed up his chest and warned Brian, "Don't even try to threaten Molly with me. I might once put my career first before but now Molly's my priority."

Brian pulled a face after he heard Sparks' words, "You think so highly of yourself, Spark. Do you really think you can decide for Molly?"

"Mr. Brian Long," Spark said with a wicked smile, "you have no idea how to love someone, you only know how to be obsessed with someone. You only want to control them. Don't you think that's a bit pathetic? I have never thought of controlling Molly. I let her decide for herself because all I want is for her to be happy. That's all they need. Sometimes that's just what people need. All they want is a simple life. But you'll never understand that!"

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