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   Chapter 514 Just Say The Word (Part Three)

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Now, Molly's eyes were red, too. She didn't know how to respond to her brother's accusations. What Daniel said was right. It was all her fault. If she didn't try to escape from Brian's clutches, the man wouldn't have grounded her family. Her mother's early death was also her fault. And if not for her actions, there would be no need for Steven to leave the country. And Daniel would probably not have ended up a drug addict. All of it was her fault!

Shaking off Spark's arms that held her, Molly clenched her fists and bit her lips as she tried to prevent her tears from falling. The girl walked towards the gate dragging her feet.

"Mol?" Spark asked worriedly as he trotted behind her.

She sniffed and gritted her teeth. "I want to be alone for a while," she told him. To her brother, she said, "Daniel, I'm begging you. Please, stay at home and don't go anywhere."

Before anyone could say something, she dragged herself out of the house.

After the rain, the sky remained a dull gray. Molly could smell the grass and the wet ground as she walked. She felt chilly every time the wind blew.

Molly walked wordlessly along the familiar street. Although much had changed in the city in the last four years, she still knew every street.

Suddenly, she felt something wet on her cheek. Molly wondered if it was rain falling again or her tears. She looked up at the sky then realized that people had started to quicken their pace. All of a sudden, the heavens dumped big, fat raindrops everywhere.

Before Molly could seek shelter, she was soaking wet. Her clothes clung to her back. She decided to stand where she was and just let the rain fall around her. Before she knew it, she was laughing wildly.

The sound of laughter eventually became miserable and then desperate.

Molly was laughing out loud under the pouring rain. People who passed by looked at her curiously as they hurried to stay dry. No one stopped to ask her why she was laughing.

She couldn't stop laughing, and Molly didn't know why she was doing it.

Life had been peaceful in the last four years. And Molly was foolish enough to believe that everything that happened in her past was finally over and she could forget it all. T

uldn't understand what she was going through. To her mind, there was no other way. Brian was threatening her with Mark. And now, Daniel was blaming her for his miserable state. She felt as if everyone was forcing her to do their bidding.

Finally, Spark held her by the shoulders so she could look at him. The hard, driving rain made it difficult to see anything clearly, but he looked Molly in the eye and gritted his teeth so she would listen. "Listen to me. Everything will work out. There is no such thing as a problem without a solution. Do you hear me?" he nearly shouted.

Molly shook her head in denial, as she said, "It's not going to work out! Mark was taken away from me. My mother is gone. I lost my eyes. I have no idea where my father is now. And Daniel, he's become a drug addict. I've lost everything that was mine. Do you understand?" she sobbed. Her eyes were dull as she looked at Spark. And it almost drove him mad to see Molly this way. He felt defeated because he had no idea how to comfort the woman he loved. He thought of the only thing he could do for now. Closing his eyes, he pulled Molly's face close to his and kissed her trembling lips. The moment their lips met, Molly immediately stopped crying.

At that very moment, a car drove past them. The man in the car stared at them through the window, and his eyes turned dark and fierce at the sight of Spark and Molly kissing under the rain.

His expression would make anyone tremble in fear.

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