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   Chapter 513 Just Say The Word (Part Two)

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Her eyes burned with tears and she gritted her teeth in fury. "Brian, sooner or later, I am going to make you see me differently," Hannah vowed.

She pressed on the accelerator harder. Her thoughts infuriated her. Yes, she wanted Brian to see her in a different light but didn't expect it would be the exact opposite of what she wanted. It was to be the start of a horrible nightmare. Instead of making him fall in love with her, Hannah would be severely punished for her actions. From then on, Brian turned into a cruel and heartless man. The people surrounding him knew it would be almost impossible to win against him in that state. They also knew there would be only one person whom he cared about and she was the simple and ordinary girl named Molly.


At the city hall building…

Edgar was in the middle of a meeting, summarizing all the departments' performance during the first half of the year. When the discussion turned to the knife fighting a few days ago, his expression turned grim. "I can't believe so many drugs are circulating in the city. What are the cops doing? If there had been no drugs found during that confrontation, I'm almost sure you won't even have conducted investigations until Black Widow had sold out all the drugs!" he thundered.

Furious, Edgar slammed a folder on the desk. Everyone in the meeting room was taken aback and frightened. This mayor was not an ordinary man. Last year, he was supposed to head on up to the State Parliament. But for some reason, Edgar refused the position and continued to serve as mayor. Though young, he was quite firm. A City's rapid development in recent years was a testimony to his leadership abilities.

When everyone remained silent, Edgar stared critically at the chief of police through his glasses. Coldly, he asked, "What happened to the man caught with the drugs?"

The police chief cleared his throat before reporting. "He was released from detention allegedly for suffering from a serious disease." The police officer didn't expect the mayor to question him during the meeting with everyone present. Cautiously, he added, "He's now at the private hospital of the Dragon Empire Group."

The mayor stared at the police chief, who looked so nervo


Snorting, Daniel said, "It was your fault that Brian grounded us in that house. It was your fault that I became addicted to drugs. Everything was your fault, Molly!" he screamed.

His body shook in anger, and his eyes were now extremely bloodshot. Daniel looked very close to losing control of himself.

Her brother's crazed look made Molly's knees weak, and she staggered back, but Spark caught and steadied her. Her face was pallid, and her whole body trembled. Molly opened her mouth to speak, but no words came out.

Face dark, Spark turned to look at Daniel and growled, "You should carry your weight instead of putting all the blame on your sister! Was it really all Mol's fault, Daniel? Wasn't your father to blame for making things worse?" Spark fumed.

Two days ago, when Molly and Eric attended the birthday party of Mr. Song's granddaughter, Spark waited for them to come home. Alone, several things ran through his mind, including what was happening at the party, and the thoughts nearly drove him mad. His biggest fear was that Molly would give in to Brian. He paced the room, walking back and forth, but he never calmed down because of the fear that filled his mind. In the end, he called up Harrow and asked about Molly and Brian's history.

He was somehow disappointed since Harrow couldn't provide all the details. But he learned the most important fact and that was Steven, Molly's father, was a gambler, and this was what brought Molly and Brian together. .

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