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   Chapter 512 Just Say The Word (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7608

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Brian glanced at Molly before walking past her to head downstairs.

Despite hesitating briefly, she hurriedly followed him.

It was still raining outside and walking down the hill by herself would take a long time. Molly had already walked a long distance earlier and was exhausted. Her biggest fear was Daniel getting tortured if she didn't make it to the police station as soon as possible.

Grabbing a big umbrella by the door, Brian then flung an arm around Molly's shoulders and escorted her to the car. He kept himself calm and felt the girl in his arms stiffen for a second that made him twitch.

Once settled in the car, Brian called Lisa to inform her that he would be out for a while. He wouldn't have called if Mark wasn't in the villa. While he was confident nothing was going to happen, Brian still wanted to make sure the boy was safe, and no accidents would occur while he was gone.

He started the car and sped off under heavy rain cloaking the night sky.

"Where are you heading to?" he asked Molly.

"The police station in the southern district," she replied in an anxious tone.

He slightly frowned but said nothing.

He noticed Molly kept looking at her phone to check the time. It was one o'clock in the morning. Looking out the window, she hardly saw anything clearly because of the rain.

After a quick glimpse at his passenger, Brian negotiated through slick roads as fast as he could. Moments later, they arrived at the police station.

A hundred thoughts ran through Molly's mind as Brian drove to the station. She was extremely nervous the entire trip. When she saw the station, Molly forgot everything else. The car had barely stopped when Molly jumped out to head into the building. She was nearly soaked even if the entrance was only a few steps away.

Brian watched Molly disappear into the station. When she was out of sight, he used the car phone to dial a number.

"Why is Daniel at the police station?" he asked curtly. Without waiting for a reply from the other end of the line, Brian quickly ordered, "Check it out for me."

Stunned at the order, the person Brian called quickly said yes.

He ended the call but stayed inside the car. Rain continued to fall heavily and pounded the car's roof, its thumping noise a

him. Brian slowly turned to look at Hannah, who sat opposite him. Coldly, he said, "We're not close. Don't call me that!" he snapped.

The air thickened with tension. Slightly shocked and embarrassed for being berated in public, Hannah's lips twitched into a weak smile. She tried to tease him. "Then how about I call you Mr. Brian Long? Doesn't that sound too formal?"

Instead of responding, Brian pressed the bell to summon the waiter, who immediately walked over to their table.

"Mr. Brian Long, can I help you?" he asked politely.

"Check, please," Brian said briskly.

Hannah's expression changed, and he noted that she now looked very annoyed. He ignored this and affixed his signature to settle the bill. Then coldly, he said, "I have work to do, so I'm going to leave now."

He stood up and was about to leave but turned around and walked over to Hannah so that he towered over her. "Give Mr. Song a message for me. I'm not interested in you."

With that, he walked out leaving Hannah, whose face had turned cold and hard as marble. She clenched her fists and gritted her teeth as she stared at Brian's retreating figure.

"Miss Song?" the waiter said cautiously. She turned to look at him before quickly standing up and walking out of the restaurant.

Bag in hand, Hannah walked briskly to the parking lot. She was so angry that she drove like a madman down the crowded street, feeling like she could run over someone. Cars started to honk at her and screeched as they dodged her vehicle.

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