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   Chapter 511 One Blood (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5445

Updated: 2019-04-13 03:14

"No, she's not here," Brian lied.

Mark frowned, "But I heard mom's voice,"

"You're just dreaming," Brian said, unconcerned. Lying was like breathing for Brian. Just when Mark was about to peek into the room, Brian picked him up to bring him over back to his room.

"Can I see mommy today?"

"Have you decided on our deal yet?"

"..." Mark went silent.

Molly stuck her head out as soon as she heard the sound of their footsteps vanish. She started to question why she resisted Brian earlier. After all, nothing was more important than Mark to her.

Molly kept crying still. Meanwhile, Brian put Mark to bed, fetching him a glass of milk from the kitchen. Mark was seldom up this late but when he was, all he needed was a glass of milk to fall back into sleep. Mark learned this from Molly.

Mark slowly drank his milk. When he was finished, Brian put the glass aside, wiped his mouth clean, tucked him in, and kissed him goodnight. Then he left.

When Brian was just about to step out of his room, Mark suddenly spoke.

"Papa Brian?"

Brian stopped in his tracks seemingly unable to breathe as if he had forgotten how. He didn't know how it felt like for other fathers to be called dad for the first time but for him, it was like he was in cloud nine.

He felt happiness.

Brian turned around to look at Mark who was now sitting up on his bed, his eyes were sparkling under the light. Yet he was all calm when he answered, "Mhm?"

Mark pressed his lips then looked at Brian hesitantly. Brian waited for him to respond patiently. Until at long last, Mark finally murmured, "Good night."

"Good night.

talk later?"

"Change your clothes before leaving," Brian said. Molly remained still as Brian fetched a fresh change of clothes, he even had shoes and socks.

Molly stared at the clothes that Brian was handing to her. She hesitated for a moment before finally taking his offer. She went into the bathroom to change. Brian bought these clothes four years ago. It had been winter but Brian had bought clothes for all seasons. Molly, personally, couldn't figure out Brian's logic. 'Maybe, it's a rich person thing, ' she shrugged to herself. Either way, Molly was grateful because at least she didn't have to wear the bathrobe or her wet clothes.

She quickly changed into the new clothes and stepped out. Molly looked more healthy now. She was able to maintain a good figure. Brian's face didn't change - still hardened and cold.

Molly rushed out right after hurriedly saying a quick thank you. She had her purse in her hand and Daniel on her mind.

"Let me drive you,"

Brian offered.

Molly thought she had misheard but Brian was already getting up to leave with her.

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