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   Chapter 510 One Blood (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5828

Updated: 2019-04-13 00:12

"Let's make a deal. If you sleep with me, you can see Mark,"

Brian said coldly. His voice was flat and distant.

But his words sent Molly into an outrage as if a bomb had gone off. Without thinking about it, Molly tried to put her fist through Brian's face but he was able to block it.

"How dare you!" Molly spat through her teeth. She glared at Brian, breathing heavily, and her cheeks flushing.

Brian sneered at Molly before pulling Molly in to kiss her.

Before Molly could react, Brian's mouth was on hers. She tried to struggle free but Brian was too strong. Brian accidentally bit her cheek which caused a bit of blood to seep out. This kind of violent kiss was exactly how Molly had remembered it.

"Argh!" Molly grunted. She was overcome with so many emotions: loath, shock, helplessness. She pushed Brian away, hands against his chest. Her eyes were red, her hair a mess. She was absolutely humiliated.

But Brian completely ignored all of this. All he cared about was that Molly was in front of him and he couldn't even think straight anymore.

Molly wanted to break free but Brian had pinned her hands behind her. Brian pulled the belt on Molly's bathrobe so that it would slip down. A single drop of tear fell from Molly's right eye, streaming down to her mouth.

Molly was sobbing as she stared at Brian. She whispered, "Brian, do you really have to do this? Are you so lonely and desperate that you're going to force a married woman into sleeping with you?"

Brian's eyes dimmed at Molly's words. If Molly paid any attention, she would notice that Brian's temples throbbed and that that meant something - whether anger or something else.

"You're right," Brian sneered, "I just want you. I'm desperate for y

more shameless?" Molly retorted.

"Well, I still can be," Brian said as he got off the bed to fix himself. Even though Brian couldn't see Molly, he could feel her fuming from the bed.

Brian's feelings were hurt. As he had regained his poise, he headed to the door. Meanwhile he sneered at himself, 'I have stooped so low to force her to bed?'

'Was this the only way to get her?' Brian added in his mind.

He opened the door where sure enough Mark was standing. Mark was still swinging his fist hardly when Brian opened the door. Mark was taken aback. He lifted his face to stare at Brian.

This kid was just like Molly - stubborn as hell even when they were wrong.

"What's the matter?" Brian asked seriously, "It's so late. What are you doing up?"

Mark licked his lips and asked, "I just heard mom's voice. Did she come?"

Inside the room, Molly was shaking as she heard Mark's voice. She hasn't seen Mark over a month now which meant she hasn't been called "mom" since then. But that word matched with that voice broke her heart to pieces. Pain filled her entire being. She just wanted to forget everything and pull Mark in for a tight hug.

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