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   Chapter 509 Back To The Villa (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6875

Updated: 2019-04-13 00:02

"Lisa, let her in!" she heard an emotionless voice give the command.

She stood speechless for a moment before Brian hung up. She heard the restrained fury and even danger in his tone, although he tried to disguise these from her.

Putting the phone down, she went to get an umbrella and slipped out the door. Before Lisa could open the umbrella, rain splashed all over her skin. It chilled her to the bone, and she couldn't help but shiver. Hurriedly, she opened the umbrella and ran towards Molly.

"Miss Xia!" Lisa called out loudly as the rain drowned out her voice.

Using every ounce of strength to stay upright, Molly was about to fall faint when Lisa rushed to her side. She tried to open her eyes under the heavy rain to see who had come to her rescue. Molly recognized Lisa, whom she had not seen for a long time. At the sight of her, Molly's eyes suddenly turned hot. Tears fell and mixed with the cold rainwater and dribbled down her mouth, leaving a bitter taste.

"Lisa, I want to see Mark!" Molly whimpered helplessly.

The heartbreaking plea squeezed Lisa's heart. She grasped Molly's ice-cold hands and said, "Come in! Mr. Brian Long is waiting for you inside." One hand holding the umbrella and the other wrapped around Molly, Lisa led her to the villa.

A drenched Molly stood distraughtly before Brian, biting her lips and staring at the man who stood rigidly in front of the window without saying a word. Brian had switched on the light in the previously unlit room. Now under the soft light, a sneer that formed at the corner of his mouth was visible.

She was familiar with the study. When she had moved into the villa to be Brian's bed slave, he had taken her there the first time he was sober, with a smiling Becky to greet them. It stunned Molly to have the past come back to mind so clearly. When she left the last time, she had never expected to return again. The discriminatory words picked up by her ears felt like an electric shock that coursed through her body. She was now hastily trying to block all the maliciou

So, let me see some good faith to help me decide." He challenged her.

"What kind of good faith do you want?" she said nearly breathless. Molly could not show this man that she was about to fall apart.

Brian shifted, so he stood haughtily before her and raised his eyebrows. Checking to see if Molly's expression had changed, he said with a sneer, "As I said previously, you divorce Spark, or marry me nominally. Either way will work."

She clutched at the robe again. Molly knew coming to the villa would only disgrace her, but she could not bear the pain of not seeing her son. So, she deceived herself into believing it would happen even if she knew the truth. As she heard Brian's condition, even her gums quivered in hatred. Molly screamed at him, "You are dreaming!"

But he was not to be cowed. He said, "Molly, I've stated my condition. The decision is now yours whether to accept it or not." He watched Molly's trembling body and his heart shook in pain, so without thinking, he offered, "Or, we can make a deal."

"What? What kind of deal?" she asked, hopeful, even knowing this would always favor Brian. Still, she had to try just to be able to see her son.

"You can see Mark," Brian offered. "And you can even ask for any other conditions," he added, looking at Molly's reaction.

Then he delivered the clincher. "If you sleep with me now!"

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