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   Chapter 508 Back To The Villa (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6924

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Like Tony, Brian's eyes were fixed on the side mirror until Molly's figure disappeared in the night rain. He peeled his eyes from the mirror and felt humbled and grieved over what he'd done.

He snapped out of his thoughts at the sound of his cellphone ringing. Brian picked it up and answered the call.

"Little devil, has your little devil said he wants to see Richie and me?" Shirley asked anxiously. His mother dispensed with "hello" and went straight to the point.

The question suddenly irritated Brian, who brows knitted tightly. Before Shirley could say another word, he coldly responded, "We don't even get along well together yet and you want to take him from me?"

"What? What's taking you so long?" his mother said testily. She couldn't wait to see her grandson and was losing hope that it would happen any time soon. The last thing Shirley wanted to do was pressure the boy. She didn't want Mark to end up hating her just like he hated Brian because that did not bode well for their future relationship. So Shirley demanded, "Then why don't you just send some photos to me?"

"Hasn't Richie shown you any pictures?" Brian inquired. He smirked knowing that Shirley would not just be sitting around waiting to be handed photos of the boy.

Knowing his mother, she would have accosted Richie to see them. Annoyed by her son's jeering, Shirley replied, "I want the picture of you and your little devil!"

"I have nothing of that sort, and am not interested to have one!" Brian told his mother. The car was pulling up at the gate of the villa, so he told her flatly, "I have something I need to do. I'll call you when Mark agrees to see you."

Without waiting for his mother's response, Brian hung up while he could hear Shirley scolding him over the phone. When she realized he was gone, she turned her ire on Richie. "It's all your fault. At that time, I disagreed with your decision to send Little Molly away, but you talked about politics and so on... Well, you sent my little devil away with her. Now, I don't even know if I will ever get the chanc

ond floor window, Brian stared at Molly's figure, and he became restless with the sound of thunder overhead. He squinted slightly, but it did nothing to lessen the coldness in his eyes. He watched the figure outside wobble slightly under the rain, as his black eyes became even darker, and he began to feel a little depressed.

As the rain continued to pelt her body, Molly started trembling. Even though it was summer, the temperature had dropped due to the continuous rain around A City. At that moment, her body sought warmth to ease the chill creeping inside her.

Upstairs, Brian lowered his eyes then raised them again just in time to see Molly swaying. He thought she was about to fall, but the woman stubbornly steadied herself and amazingly stood straight again, defending herself against the cold by clenching her teeth.

Lisa saw the scene from her bedroom and sighed deeply. She had no idea what happened in the past but only found out that everything had changed all of a sudden. More than half a year had passed before Mr. Brian Long came back to the villa. Lisa thought everything was settled and did not expect him to return with a child. Lisa thought that had they foreseen the situation today, why had they treated each other that way?

As she sighed again, the telephone rang. She walked to pick it up, wondering who would be calling so late in the hour.

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