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   Chapter 507 Back To The Villa (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7185

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Following the feeble and weak resistance, came the feebler and weaker compromise. All of this merely indicated how lowly they felt deep in their hearts.


"Brian, will you please allow me to see Mark?" Molly softly begged. The request was heartbreaking, enough to make Brian stop and turn around.

She stood not very far from him, her hands lifting her dress slightly, an indication that she hurriedly followed him out.

Her face anxious, Molly approached Brian, with her dress slightly hitched to her calves to keep the edges dry. Rain fell on the shed, its pitter-patter helping calm the surroundings. In the warm light, Molly's skin looked unusually fair. She halted three steps from Brian, compressed her lips and got ready to plead her case. "Mark is innocent. You can punish me, but Mark needs me. Won't you allow me to see my son for his sake?" she said piteously.

It's been a month since she last saw Mark and it broke her heart. Other than his photos that she looked at every day, there was no other way for Molly to assuage her longing for the boy.

Their situation was becoming too unbearable for Molly, and she was almost certain to go crazy if things went on this way.

"I'm sure you don't want Mark to grow up with an incomplete family, right?" Brian took a step forward as he asked the question.

Instinctively, Molly stepped back and with her voice suddenly turning raspy, asked, "What do you mean by that?" Communicating with Brian was always a challenge. Unlike most people, he was a man whose thoughts jumped from one idea to another without warning. Molly was sure the question was deliberate rather than random.

"You're willing to marry Spark, to give Mark a complete family, are you not?" Brian's tone was deep but chilly, making Molly's heart sink. "Mark needs a mother, and I'm willing to get married for his sake. And that's exactly the reason why I'm here." With one eyebrow raised, Brian added, "Haven't you figured that out? Or could it be that Eric hasn't told you what Mr. Song is planning?"

The words made Molly's eyes widen and her heart quiver. She recalled what Eric had said while Brian was danci

o the party together while in the middle of a discussion. Another figure walked out of the shadows. Eric, who had overheard the two girls talking, mumbled, "Edgar…" The nasty smile that was always plastered on his lips slowly disappeared and his eyes turned gloomy and harsh.


As Brian's car headed towards the villa in A City in the middle of the bustling evening, the fine misty rain made neon lights outside the vehicle appear hazy from the inside.

After glancing at the side mirror, Tony looked at Brian through the rearview mirror and said, "Mr. Brian Long, Miss Xia…"

The driver paused until Brian looked up from his cellphone and trained his eyes on the outside mirror to look. He caught sight of a woman, her dress still hitched up, panting as she chased after his car in the rain. She appeared to be running with all her might to catch up with his car.

Frowning slightly at the sight, a pitiful expression flashed in his eyes.

"Do I need to stop the car, sir?" Tony asked. He had slowed down but Molly still had a lot of running to do to catch up.

Looking at the side mirror, Brian gruffly ordered, "Throw her off!"

Peering at the rearview mirror again, Tony saw his boss was trying to keep his cool, although a hint of struggle was evident in his face. At the order, Tony's heart slightly sank. He stepped on the gas while glancing at Molly's running figure, which slowly disappeared from his view.

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