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   Chapter 506 Deep In Love And Hate (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6872

Updated: 2019-04-12 00:26

Molly looked at Brian with hate and fury reflecting in her eyes, as if she's trying to burn him alive. Noticing the enraged Molly, Eric pulled her hand inadvertently and said, "Little Molly, I see some acquaintances over there. We should better take our leave and greet them."

Upon Eric's words, Molly controlled her fury and nodded in agreement. After glaring at Brian, she immediately left with Eric.

A man approached Mr. Song and Brian and reminded Mr. Song, "Mr. Song, it's almost time." Hearing this, the old man perfected his poise.

After a while, Mr. Song nodded and excused himself to Brian. He then left with the help of the man.

Alone, Brian sat quietly without a care of anybody else. After what had happened four years ago, he became well-known by many. A lot of people wanted to rub shoulders with him and make use of his power, yet, all froze and stopped due to his profound coldness.

Starting to feel bored, he swayed his wine glass, eyes fixed on Molly. On the other hand, Molly did the same and kept her eyes on him despite standing beside Eric. For quite some time, they continued to stare at each other - Brian detached and gloomy, Molly furious and resentful.

"Good evening, everyone," a calm and weather-beaten voice disrupted their eyes. Right at that moment, Mr. Song stood on the stage, with the spotlight beaming on him, and said, "Thank you all for coming to my granddaughter Hannah's birthday party."

After saying these words, the spotlight focused away from him and moved to the staircase where Hannah was walking slowly downstairs. She wore a white glowing dress filled with crystals. With a light make-up on and a crystal tiara, her profound beauty exceeded the crowd. She was like a princess, graceful and aloof.

As she walked down elegantly, the band played her a birthday song. The crowd was stunned as the maids served a massive five-layer cake while they continued singing her a "Happy Birthday".

Hearing the crowd, Hannah's smile gradually reached her ears. She loved being in the spotlight. And ju

oping to conceal her heart that was beating so fast.

Hearing this, Brian curled his lips into a smile. It was one of those smiles he used to wear for show; it wasn't very sincere. He pulled Hannah up, bowed as salute and left the dance area amid the applause.

While he continued to stride away from the attention, she chased his arrogant figure, her waist still feeling his temperature. 'Brian, you are mine, ' she said to herself, determined.

Determined to leave in an instant, Brian told Tony to bid farewell to Mr. Song and left beforehand. He stood under the shed and heard the rain dripping, feeling quite annoyed.

Dancing with Hannah was a decision he made to show his respect to Mr. Song. As they waltzed, for him, they weren't intimate. However, he knew Hannah was trying to take a grab of him, but he didn't try to stop her. Among the crowd, he could easily see Molly at every angle. But every time he looked at her, she didn't even care to cast a glance at him, not even when he's dancing with a beautiful lady.

The harder he thought about this, the more his heart grew heavy. He gritted his teeth furiously at every thought of Molly's words last night - she loved Spark.

Suddenly, "Brian," Molly's voice rose behind him.

"Would you please let me see Mark? Even just this one time, please?" she pleaded, looking like she was about to cry.

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