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   Chapter 505 Deep In Love And Hate (Part Two)

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However, Mark only threw a look at him and continued eating without giving an answer.

From the silence, Brian stared at Mark for quite a while. Still hearing no words from his son, he placed the things in his hand on the table, took his coat from Tony and went out of the villa.

As Brian started stride on his way out, Mark watched him go and hastily stopped eating. He jumped off the chair and hurriedly followed him out.

"Hey…" Mark called, trying to catch his breath. Hearing this, Brian stopped and turned around to look at him. Mark twirled his fingers and continued, "Do you keep your words?"

The young boy's words seemed out of nowhere, but Brian understood and replied, "Of course."

Then, the atmosphere became heavy. Tony immediately took his leave after being signaled by Brian. It was obvious that Mark was tensed and anxious. He kept raising and lowering his head while Brian waited patiently. The expecting father continued to wait. However, Mark never made up his mind.

"It seems like you haven't decided yet. You still don't know what is more important to you," Brian said in a serious tone with his poker face on. Slowly losing his patience, he said, "Always remember, you should weigh your gains and loss in whatever you do."

After saying these words, he walked out without looking back.

Seeing how his father left without a care, Mark turned around and headed back to the villa with anger and disappointment on his face. He didn't like Daddy Brian. Not at all. Not a little bit. He was nowhere near daddy. Unlike Spark, Brian never tried to comfort him, not even once. As he walked his way into the villa, Mark suddenly stopped and turned around pitifully while looking at Brian. However, he was already out of his sight.

Feeling down, Mark had no choice but to draw back his eyes and sulkily entered the room. He took the milk and stared blankly across the table. In an instant, his heart was filled with disappointment.

For the rest of the day, Brian was the same as usual. He spent the whole da

orrectly, that woman was the mother of Brian's child.

Looking fair and poised, Eric and Molly walked their way among the crowd towards them, turning every head they've passed. "Mr. Song, you're in even better health," Eric said as they approached. "I see that you're here so early, Brian," he continued.

Amidst the conversation, Brian and Molly just gazed at each other, igniting a cold air between them. The moment they walked in, they immediately saw Brian and saw no hint of Mark.

"I just come here to greet them," Brian said with a sneering smile. His head turned to look at Molly and continued, "I will be leaving soon and tuck Mark to bed."

Hearing this, Molly's hand tightened. She purposely came here with Eric believing she would see Mark. However, her expectations failed her.

"I initially told Brian to bring Mark with him," Mr. Song laughed, "but Brian said Mark needs to go to bed on time." Mr. Song sounded helpless, but as foxy as him, he noticed Molly's stiffening look.

In the pool of gents present in the party, the best candidate for Hannah's husband was already decided. It was Brian; it has to be Brian. But even before he could bring this up, he heard that Brian already had a son. Well, successful men all had a past, so he thought. He wouldn't mind Brian having a son for as long as he and Hannah could hit it off.

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