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   Chapter 504 Deep In Love And Hate (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6831

Updated: 2019-04-12 00:02

Brian went back to the villa and saw Mark sitting silently while reading a book.

From the moment he started living with his father, Mark remained quiet all along.

And sometimes, even when they sat together, neither of them could hardly feel the presence of the other.

Noticing the cold air between the father and son, Lisa called out to Brian and said, "Mr. Brian Long, the milk is ready." After hearing this, he then walked into the kitchen after casting a glance at his son.

Mark wondered about the commotion and saw Brian was back. Immediately, he stood up and went upstairs, while his father silently watched his figure fading until the door blocked his sight.

By the time Lisa finished taking out Mark's milk, like the usual, Mark was nowhere to be seen. She gave the milk to Brian and prepared to take her leave. Suddenly, after taking a few strides, she halted and said, "Mr. Mark was already heavy-eyed, but he didn't go to bed until he saw you back."

Hearing her words, Brian understood what she was trying to say. He then took the milk and went upstairs and headed to Mark's room. Upon entering, he saw him sitting idly on the bed. He walked slowly and handed the milk over. He then asked, "Your grandparents wish to see you. What do you think?"

But instead of giving an answer, Mark continued drinking his milk quietly, while his father continued, "Tomorrow, your aunt will be holding a party. Her grandfather wished to see you as well."

But even before he could continue, Mark interrupted him and asked, "Can I see mommy there?"

The words of this young man echoed in his mind. Angered, Brian frowned, but soon regained his poise. Coldly, he answered, "No."

"Then I don't want to go. Can I stay home instead?" Mark replied.

Without thinking twice, he replied affirmatively, "Sure." Surprised by his answer, Mark stared at Brian with his innocent eyes, filled with wonder.

Glad that his father didn't question his actions, he tried conversing with his father with a hopeful heart. "Then, can I see mommy


Mark pouted his lips in anger and sorrow. Back then, "Daddy Brian", the name he called Brian in the deepest part of his heart, didn't even know he existed. He recalled Lisa saying how Brian was always preoccupied. But no matter how busy he was, Daddy Brian would always return home before ten and tucked him to bed after drinking his milk.

For several times, when he woke up in the middle of the night, he would always see the light turned on in the study where Daddy Brian was still working.

'Why would he split up with mommy?' he wondered. 'Mommy seems to hate Daddy Brian so much, ' he continued, forcing himself to answer his own questions.

As Mark continued to immerse himself in his thoughts, his eyes became heavy. After a while, he could no longer stay awake and fell into a deep sleep.

The next day, it was indeed cloudy. It was a total contrast from the night before, turning the sullen weather into a cool and windy day.

That morning, the father and son were having breakfast together. But as usual, neither of them ever spat a word. The same heavy scene always made Lisa let out deep sighs.

Suddenly, Brian broke the silence and said, "If I can't make it home on time, you go to bed directly. Don't wait for me," Brian said aloofly without lifting his head. Mark clearly heard his father's words. It resounded in his ears.

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