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   Chapter 503 You Can't Control A Human Heart (Part Four)

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Someone knocked on the door.

Brian turned his gaze towards the door and found Eric opening the door and coming in. "Why are you late?" Brian asked flatly.

"I was dealing with something."

Brian frowned as he glanced at his watch. He paused when the bite marks Molly left on his arm caught his eye. "You only have half an hour left," he reminded Eric.

Eric looked at his watch, puzzled,"But it isn't even nine yet!"

"Mark needs to go to bed before ten o'clock."

Brian said casually much to Eric's confusion. After the custody case in T City, Eric flew back to QY Island to deal with some things before returning to Dragon Island for an orientation meeting about the second half of the year. Even though he knew that Brian already brought Mark to A City these days, he still didn't expect that Brian would exert so much effort for Mark and even make him a central part of his life.

In the past, Brian didn't give a care about time. He never followed anyone's schedule as well as his own. Whether it was work at the Emp or the Grand Night or anything with XK.

"I work from my villa now," Brian answered Eric's unspoken question. He noticed a flicker in Eric's face as if another question had popped into his mind,"I don't start working until Mark is asleep," he said before Eric could even say anything.

Eric shrugged and teased him,"Wow, you're actually a good father!"

"He has grown up without me at his side. I don't want him to feel alienated from me." Brian said matter-of-factly,"You only have 20 minutes now," he added.

Eric was startled so he grabbed Brian's laptop and typed something quickly. After one final clicking sound, a blueprint for the potential project of Dragon Empire was displayed on the screen. Eric started talking about the blueprint.

Brian listened carefully. Currently, the Dragon Empire Group was planning to build a

ugs herself and the dealing side of it too.

They were the gruesome twosome - one was addicted to young men and the other drugs; a perfect match indeed.

Brian returned his gaze towards Eric nonchalantly. "I'll give up the land but you have to pay 30% more," he negotiated.

While the 30% was a bit heavy, Eric was more concerned about the fact that Brian had agreed in the first place. The 30% could be managed as long as the project was successful. Nonetheless, they would've spent that much anyway had they needed to modify the blueprint.

Brian stood up from his seat and put on his coat. "I didn't expect you to agree," Eric said. "I'm waiving the 30%. Keep it.

Then set up a foundation in Mark's name under the Dragon Empire." Brian left as soon as he finished speaking. Eric nodded, a bitter smile appearing on his face.

Eric thought to himself, 'Brian must be changing for her.

But he's still that same, old Brian.'

Eric was confused - he didn't know what his next action was.

He looked back at the screen again. At that moment, Black Widow had just won another game and was throwing a transparent token - which was worth ten thousand - into Daniel's hand.

Daniel kissed her on the lips again to show his gratitude.

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