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   Chapter 502 You Can't Control A Human Heart (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5619

Updated: 2019-04-11 00:40

Suddenly, she felt a warm body next to her. "Eric, did you hire someone to follow me?" she asked, still weeping.

"I'm running a major business group. How would I have the time for that?" Eric teased, rolling his eyes. The truth was he didn't look and sound like the CEO of a company with over a thousand employees.

Molly roughly wiped off her tears. "Then how else would you know that I was here?" she asked.

Eric turned to look at the cars speeding past them, his eyes deep in thought. After a few seconds, he replied in a soft voice, "Maybe, I was meant to find you here."

Molly who was too sad and down for anything failed to notice the change in Eric's tone. She lifted her head, trying to keep more tears from falling.

Eric remained seated, no sound, no movement, no anything. He just sat there quietly and listened to her cries.

He intended to talk to Brian about the matters in QY Island as soon as he knew where Brian was. The matters at hand was that a potential project of the Dragon Empire Group might cross a boundary issue with the Grand Night Casino in QY. He was out trying to solve this problem when he was driving past Becky and Molly talking by the side of the road. He watched until Molly had walked away and positioned herself in the curb where they were now.

So what did "meant to be" really mean?

Eric continued to think about this whole thing, still in awe. Sometimes, though, even when he was purposely out looking for her, he'd still feel surprised every time he was able to find her.

"Eric," Molly said, taking a deep breath, "I miss Mark so much. I want to see him so bad but Brian won't let me. What should I do?"

"But, you hav

ed into Brian's car and he didn't want her to feel embarrassed if she found out that he saw that happen. But most of all, he didn't want to ruin their life of living together. He felt relieved when Molly wholly accepted his explanation without any hint of suspicion. "He left a note, though. Daniel. That he was visiting a schoolmate, I think," Spark added.

Molly just nodded and left. Daniel had grown in A City so she wasn't suspicious of him. But as soon as she turned her back, her nonchalance was immediately gone because the panic in Spark's eyes certainly wasn't missed by Molly. Molly smiled bitterly to herself as she thought, 'He must have seen me getting into Brian's car...'


Brian was in the monitoring room at the top floor of the Grand Night Casino. He was sitting in a chair, staring coldly at the screen in front of him. On the screen was a photo of a crowd of gamblers strolling in, out, and about. They knew very well that they could lose all of their money in this place but that didn't stop them from wholeheartedly going in with just the smallest possibility of winning a lot of money.

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