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   Chapter 500 You Can't Control A Human Heart (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5506

Updated: 2019-04-11 00:12

'Molly, if it was a mistake to meet you then I'd be stupid to learn from my mistakes.' Brian thought to himself.

Molly froze when Brian asked her to divorce Spark.

She glared at Brian, "Never!" she snarled.

"Never? Really?"

Brian murmured as he dropped his gaze. He looked up at Molly, one of his eyebrows raised. Coldness emitted from him as he scoffed, "I don't want my son to have a slut for a mother."

"Brian!" Molly growled, "Mark is my son and that's never going to change the same way I'm never coming back to you!"

She squirmed out of Brian's grip as soon as she finished talking. She was able to open the door with the intention of leaving when Brian suddenly grabbed her and pulled her back into the car. Brian pinned her down in her seat, his hands locked on her shoulders. She tried to get up only to be pushed back again and again.

Molly glared at Brian, her teeth grinding. Her eyes were bloodshot because she hadn't had a good night's sleep in so long yet they were filled with resentment and anger. She was just a simple woman who longed for nothing but stability and silence in her life. But Brian, this man, just wouldn't leave her alone. Even though she was starting to get a bit confused, she was very sure that she didn't want to get back together with him. She admitted to herself that she never would have the courage to confess to him again like she did that one winter night.

"Molly," Brian said coldly, "Let's just wait and see. You'll be back sooner than you think. Hmm. Or not."

Molly sneered at him, "Mr. All-Powerful, you have no power over me. You can't control me. You can't will my heart int

nge a thing.'


Molly expected to find Spark as soon as she left the parking lot but she didn't. She wasn't stupid and she knew that Spark had been secretly following her around the past few days.

She looked around a second just to be sure. She dropped her gaze and started to walk back to her apartment.

Molly had tried to talk to Spark over the last few days but he kept hanging up before Molly could say anything important. Because as far as Molly was concerned, her marriage with him was over now that Mark was gone. She'd only agreed to marry him for Mark and she didn't want to hold the marriage over his head anymore now that there was no need. She wasn't worth his time or love, he was better somewhere else perhaps with someone else.

He already asked her before if she loved him or not. She did love him and she wanted to stay with him and nothing could match the feeling she had whenever he played "The Summer Breeze" for her. But she knew that he deserved better. She didn't want to hurt his career anymore and she didn't want Spark to get involved in her mess anymore.

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